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After a rough and an exhausting day, nothing seemsbetter than crawling into a cozy bed. You can feel more relaxed and let go of your stress easily. If you wanna quite your mind, you must emphasize on practicality.

Since less is more, a minimalist bedroom is what you dream of. We fully guarantee it offers you the maximum comfort. For you who don’t like having lots of possession, check these ideas out!

Stylish White


Tiny space? No problem. You are still able to do a stunning bedroom upgrade though. Of course, white would be the most recommended color. As you can see, this area is clutter-free because everything is really minimal.

The ceiling, wooden floor, and walls are coated in white paint. Moreover, the headboard, platform bed, floor lamp, built-in storage, blanket, and pillows have the same shade.

However, the shag rug and decorations come in various neutral tones. The end result is a bright, clean, and open room. The only one source of lighting in the daytime is morning sunlight. It surely lowers your electricity bill.

Rustic’s Appeal


The rustic decor tends to be associated with clutter. It is definitely wrong. In fact, you can choose this unrefined style while living your mess-free life. We promise this bedchamber will captivate the heart of men.

Exposed steel beams scream for the rustic industrial’s charm. They blend perfectly with the stained concrete floor and brick walls. Grey area rug, full length mirror, cabinet, nightstands, and table lamps exude the manly character.

Plenty of glass windows bring in the sunlight. They turn the space into something sunny and airy. Eventually, your room does not look cold and heavy.

Curtainless Windows


When you wake up in the morning, the panoramic scenery will pamper your eyes instantly. Thanks to the extra large windows without any curtains. They allow your imagination run wild.

There are only several things in this sleepy space such as recliner, rug, platform bed, nightstands, pillows,and lamps. The furnitures are predominantly brown and black. Those two shades depict the masculine setting.

The white floor, ceiling, and walls balance out the dark objects. They also brighten up your area and mood.

Perky Yellow


People usually think that a minimalist space is just about white and black. It is not true. Because your room shouldn’t be lifeless and bland. That’s why we suggest you to choose yellow space color scheme.

In this sleeping chamber, the yellow walls fantastically deliver the cheerful and vivid ambience. They work nicely with the daffodil yellow blanket. The floating bedside shelves speak of minimalism at their best.

Furthermore, striped and patterned pillows are so captivating. They fit magnificently with the brown carpet. The ornaments are aesthetically pleasing. This room keeps your boredom at bay.

Brown Flooring


If you are a minimalist, this idea will obviously steal your heart. Just look at the shining light brown wood floor, it is marvelously illuminated by the square downlights.

The black and white platform bed matches beautifully with the flooring. To create the coordinating look, you can put white and black pillows on the bed. Interestingly, the armchair, walls, nightstands, and lamps follow the same rule.

The paintings adorn the walls, while breaking up the domination of black and white. They liven up the whole space as well. You will not find the cabinet here as floor is the storage itself.

Organic & Chic


Despite its simplicity, this bedchamber is completely enticing. The white ceiling, floor, and walls enlarge the limited space very well. Plus, the long white curtains make the ceiling visually higher.

The wall painting and above-bed shark wall art turn this room into an artsy personal sanctuary. But they are not crowded at all.

The wood panel creates the welcoming and warm setting. Striped toy storage bags can be used to stash your belongings. And potted plants display the organic beauty in your room.

Channel Your Inner Zen


A Japanese design is particularly known for its neat and stylish home. This bedroom is the proof. As you can see, the neutral palettes transform the roominto a tranquil and soothing zone. Ceiling and paper lantern floor lamps are so attractive.

Red blanket and pillows add pops of color to the space. In addition, bonsai tree printed screen doors and curtains absolutely capture the peace. The wooden floor and platform bed tastefully bring the natural elements indoor.

Stone Wall


If you truly fall in love with minimalism, give this brilliant idea a try. The stone wall is utterly cool and fascinating. It harmoniously meets the wooden ceiling, closet, and bedside tables.

The vintage chandelier is the lovely addition. It gives you romantic glow after the dark. The wall hanging certainly will draw your eyes.

The Floral patterned bedding keeps your room from looking bleak. For the shade and walls, white is the greatest one.

Therefore, our minimalist bedroom ideas are suitable for any home. When you implement one of those inspirations, we believe you would have a good night’s sleep.


By Hafeezah Husna

A freelance writer with a love of all things decor. Enjoys everything associated with home interior design. Love to sleep! :D

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