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Green is often associated with nature and freshness. Therefore, adding a few tints of greens in your bedroom can bring in the element of nature. And these green bedding designs will add the charm of nature and freshen up your bedroom.

Bedding with Foliage Print

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It is always a good idea to bring the power of nature into your bedroom, either the real plants or in the form of a beautiful painting. You can also try investing in bedding with plants printed on it, just like this green bedding.

This bedding features green foliage patterns printed on the one side of the comforter and pillowcases. On the other side of the comforter, you can find green stripped patterns.

This bedding does not feature sophisticated details, which makes it great for a contemporary or modern bedroom. Besides, the cotton material allows you to get a comfortable sleep.

Christmas-Themed Bedding

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What do you usually do to celebrate Christmas? Decorating the Christmas tree? Baking gingerbread? If you are going to decorate your home interior with Christmas items, do not forget to give your bedroom a face-lift, too.

This bedding will be perfect your Christmas. Dark green dominate the duvet with red and white accents. A few green Christmas trees are embroidered on the red and white accent.

Unlike the duvet, the bed sheet comes in red. Made of cotton, this bedding will provide the comfort you have always wanted.

Beautiful White Roses on Green Bedding

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If you are looking for luxurious bedding that can incorporate romantic ambiance to your bedroom, but you do not want to go with red bedding, either, this one will be your choice.

Soft green covers the mattress and pillowcases perfectly. It is simple, yet luxurious, thanks to the white roses that are embroidered on the left side of the comforter and the corners of the pillowcases.

You may only find a few roses on the bedding, but it is more than enough to create a romantic atmosphere. Besides, the cotton material will provide the ultimate comfort for you and your partner.

Luxurious Green Bedding

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Luxurious green bedding is in your list now. This bedding looks lavish with gold lacy patterns for the fancy accent that lie on the edges of the comforter.

Gold embossed patterns printed on the pillowcases accentuate the luxury immensely. An “R” symbol is printed in gold, too.

This bedding will definitely make you feel like a king or queen since you are overwhelmed with this luxury. Besides, the Egyptian cotton which is well-known for its premium quality will help you get a nice sleep.

Green Velvet Bedding

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Velvet material provides a unique sensation when you touch it. And thus, this velvet bedding is a good choice for your bedroom.

This bedding is eminently simple because it does not have any patterns. It is just plain. However, the cotton velvet on the top of the duvet has replaced the patterns well. You will know when you touch it.

The fun fact is this bedding is not only made of cotton velvet. You can find white Egyptian cotton fabric on the other side of the duvet, which ensures your comfort. However, the pillow covers are made of cotton velvet only.

Fish-Scale Green Bedding

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Green is not always about plants. It can denote marine life too. And if you are into a coastal-themed bedroom that is associated with beaches and marine life, this green bedding will suit your style.

This bedding featured large fish-scale patterns in green and gold. It is made of polyester, which makes it quite durable.

Wondrous Outer-Space Bedding

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You might be thinking that this is a dream world with a wondrous view of outer-space. Well, it is actually a bedroom with space-themed bedding. And you can bring this miraculous view into your bedroom.

This dark green bedding will make you feel as if you were exploring the outer space, thanks to the 3D design that has made the galaxy prints seem so real. Get this bedding now, and experience wonderful dreams.

Beautiful Paradise Bedding

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This beautiful bedding will make you like in heaven. The combination of green and the other colors with some flowers and butterflies tell you a nice bedtime story before you sleep. Furthermore, the cotton material will help you feel more comfortable.

Elegant Sea Foam Bedding

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Give the touch of elegance to your bedroom with this bedding. The seafoam color provides a soothing effect for your perfect sleep.

The pinch-pleated comforter with solid border gives character to the bedding. The polyester material allows you to have this elegant look at an affordable price.

Coastal-Themed Bedding

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Bring the relaxing ambiance to your bedroom with this coastal-themed bedding. It features embossed hexagonal textures with seashells, seahorses, and starfish in them. This bedding really reflects the marine life very well.

Green bedding can always give your bedroom a lively lift. Whether you love the wildlife of a forest or the serenity of a beach, these green beddings can do it in an epic way.


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