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White color represents cleanliness and purity. If you want to have a bright and clean bedroom, you may use white bedding and also white decoration items. Using white color for your bedroom, especially for the bedding set, can create soothing and ease feeling. We have collected 13 white bedding ideas that will light up your bedroom.

1. White Featuring Cute Floral Pink


You may think white bedding is boring. In fact, if you combine the white comforter with a punchy coverlet, decorative pillows, or keep it monochrome, pure white bedding let you embrace any look you can dream up.

As we can see on this lovely bedroom photograph, the design of the bedroom looks so sophisticated, cute, and clean. The white bedding fits perfectly with the floral pink pattern on the coverlet, stripes pillow, gray and black pillow, and also the floral black pattern on the curtains. The fresh plants and the pink add more freshness to this beautiful bedroom.

2. Clean State


Using white as the foundation color, anything goes well for bedding extras. Playful additions such as ikat quilt, geometric throw pillow, and also tweet boudoir shams, are your time to infuse personality into the look. The bedding supports the simplicity of the bedroom, but on the other hand it also creates elegance and beauty.

3. Cloud 9


There is something very ethereal about a light blue bedroom. If you add white bedding on it, the look of the bedroom goes from serene to downright dreamy. Besides, this bedding fits perfectly with the peach fluffy pillows and the cream patterned bolster.

The white headboard stands beautifully and fit with the checkered walls. This bedroom looks so modern and features many awesome decoration items such as the white bedding, navy blue lamps, white bed table side, navy blue curtains, and so on.

4. White as Subtle


When your bedroom already has a few bold elements, such as this amazing lattice wallpaper and shapely headboard, it is good to keep the bedding simple and subtle. The white bedding plays as a supporting role that enlightens the room and make the bedroom even more spacious.

White is actually a base color that is able to be combined with any other colors. As we can see on this lovely photograph, the white bedding can fit perfectly with the grey headboard, the grey chairs, and so on.

5. Add Kid’s Taste


We realize kid’s tastes can change by the minute. But, with this simple white bedding, they will never get sick of. Just simply add and subtract youthful throws and pillows in order to keep up with their evolving style. Don’t forget to add some beautiful items such as flowers or butterflies accessories there. Put an artsy picture about flowers also make the room even look greater. 

6. White Sheet in Rustic Styled Bedroom


To create a rustic style on your bedroom, you do not need to put all items with green color. You can get rustic ambiance using this white bedding which fits perfectly to the other decoration items such as the unique green bed, the wooden bed side table, the chair, and certainly to the white walls and white curtains and white windows.

7. Elegant Bed Sheet


As we can see, this bedroom accommodates a queen size bed and a dark brown headboard. This bedroom looks so spacious and clean because of the white bedding. This bedding features pure white and unique accents which is a drawstring on the bottom of the sheet and also on the pillows. Supported by the metallic grey and white lamp, this bedroom looks even more elegant.

8. All in White


Using all bedroom decoration items in white color is not always plain anyway. In fact, using all in white such as white bedding, white walls, white curtains, and many more can make your bedroom so restful and clean. Besides, you also can feel at ease because your room seems so spacious and even look larger.

9. Beautiful White Sheet in Grey Bedroom


Using the white bedding on this bedroom make its appearance looks like cold and elegant. The bland effects of the grey painted walls will make your sleep better and improved. Besides, the white color on this bedding seems like a blank slate, and symbolizes a new beginning or a fresh start.

10. Gorgeous Bed Sheet


The modern style is exemplified in this simple white bedding. This bedding will make your bedroom even look greater. In addition, together with the decorative lamps above the bed, it brightens this grey bedroom. This white bed sheet also fits perfectly with the mocha pillows and the grey wall.

11. White Featuring Creamy Color


A primitive country styled bedroom on this photograph features a unique bed with the white bedding. The white color on the bed sheets work in harmony with the creamy colored decoration items. They tie together in order to create elegance and nice appearance on this bedroom. As we can see, white and cream colors are the best combination to create calm and tranquil bedroom.

12. Neutral Bed Sheet Color


This bedroom looks so large and spacious, doesn’t it? It because the effect of using white bedroom that makes this bedroom looks so larger. Besides, the bedding works properly with the white, green, and creamy pillows there. It is also combined perfectly with the walls color and other furniture which are in several colors differently.

13. White Bedding on Pottery Barn Bedroom


As we can see on the photograph, this bedroom looks so stunning and elegant. The bedding in white color works properly with the white duvet, white pillows, grey decorative pillow, and grey headboard. Besides, the elegance of this bedroom is improved because of the grey lamp hung on the wall.

That’s all about 13 white bedding ideas that will light up your bedroom. There is something so restful about a clean and white bedroom. In addition, using white comforter can create a sense of space or add highlights. It also can make your bedroom seems fresher and more simplicity. That’s why, bedding in white color is recommended for you.


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