Blue is the color of tranquility. No wonder many homeowners incorporate some blue elements into their bedroom. And you should include these blue bedding ideas into your bedroom decor list.

Laguna Blue Bedding

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You might have been longing for escaping from the hurly-burly of your busy days at work by relaxing on a beach. If it is unlikely to happen soon, at least, you can have a coastal-themed bedroom. It will do in a pinch.

This blue bedding is a perfect addition for your coastal-themed bedroom. The palm-inspired print will make you feel as if you were on a beach now. To enrich the look, navy blue and green pillowcases are added.

Bold and Luxurious

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Less is more. That is what you can see in this bedroom. Although it does not have any fancy details, it can still infuse the touch of luxury. Furthermore, the dark blue of the night sky emphasizes the boldness of this bedding.

Crafted from Tencel, a kind of fabric that is made of eucalyptus tree wood pulp, this bedding has a natural antimicrobial agent, which is a bonus for you.

Tencel is also well-known for its durability and softness. Besides, it is environmentally friendly and breathable.

Mosaic Style Bedding

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Mosaic tiles are usually used to accentuate the backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom. The combination of a few different colors or patterns blends together, creating a unique harmony rather than a haphazard look.

Now, you can bring the beauty of mosaic tiles in your bedroom. You will not cover your bedroom walls with mosaic tiles, though. You will cover your mattress with this exquisite mosaic blue bedding.

This bedding features reversible duvet with hexagonal patterns on one side. Inside each hexagon is a sophisticated print that looks like snowflakes, making your bedroom feel more serene.

Spectacular Galaxy Bedding

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Have you ever dreamt to travel around the galaxy and play with the glittering stars? You might think it is tangible. Well, that is not quite true. Instead of flying to the moon that takes an eternity, you can bring the galaxy right in your bedroom.

This bedding will help you make your dream come true. The 3D design makes the glittering stars look so real, allowing you to explore your imagination. Besides the stylish print, this bedding is also comfortable since it is made of polyester and cotton.

Classy Blue Bedding

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If your bedroom implements a Victorian style that is overwhelming with classy ornaments and furniture, this blue bedding will perfect the decor.

This bedding features sophisticated and stunning embroidery that completely cover the comforter surface. Some pillowcases feature the same embroidery, too.

To enrich the look of this classy bedding, different pillowcases in different shapes and materials are added like the blue velvet and round silk pillowcases that complement the drapes behind the headboard perfectly.

Blue and Gold Bedding

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This is another great option for those who are crazy about the elegant look. The blue bedding combining with golden pillowcases accentuates the lavish look. Being different, the ruffled and round pillowcases beef the bedding up.

Besides the golden pillowcases, this bedding also features embossed comforter that elegantly drapes onto the floor. The embossed patterns completely cover all the comforter surface, adding a textural element to your bed.

In addition to the embossed patterns on the comforter, the pillowcases also have the same patterns. When combining with silky material, the bedding can add a dramatic and romantic appearance to your bedroom.

Navy Blue Bedding

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If your bedroom applied a modern or contemporary style that tends to keep things being minimalist with a few or even no textures, and you want to add a little bit of textural element without being overpowering, this bedding is what you are looking for.

This bedding comes in a navy-blue color that offers the touch of boldness to your bedroom. The pinch-pleated comforter and pillowcases incorporate a textural element to your bed.

The bedding is meticulously designed for any user, including those who are sensitive as it is made of hypoallergenic polyester. The spiral filling allows the comforter to store more air and keeps it warm. It also helps the comforter stays durable.

Blue Bedding for Girls

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A girl’s bedroom is usually full of decorative elements and beautiful stuff. Therefore, this bedding will be your top-notch choice for your daughter’s bedroom.

This bedding comes in teal which brings a soothing element that makes her get her perfect sleep. The flowing ruffles on the pillowcases and comforter add style to her bedroom.

If you think the ruffles are too overwhelming, you can just reverse the comforter to get a clean and minimalist look.

Blue bedding is a perfect choice if you want to add a little bit of serenity to your bedroom. Blue, however, has many shades of colors that can add a little bit of nuance.

If you want to go bold, darker blue like navy would be nice. But, if you want to be more relaxed, light blue bedding like teal would be your safe bet.


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