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For you who like going to a beach vacation, you constantly miss the serene vibe. Regardless of where you live in the world, you obviously can create your own beach house with some inspirations of coastal flair.

When you fall for the coastal décor, that means you are gonna do an amazing bedroom improvement. We assure your personal sanctuary would grab the attention.

Distressed Furnitures


Wanna bring the stunning coast indoor? Give this idea a try. In this sleeping chamber, the homeowner selects bed frame and nightstand with a remarkable distressed finish.

Furthermore, they fit perfectly with the wooden floor and light brown shades. The starfish and clam shell artworks take you to the beachy haven. Your feet is seriously pampered by a woven area rug.

Large windows depict a sunny and bright space. Powder blue-painted walls remind you of a clear tropical sky. Striped and floral cushions add a visual interest to the entire room.

Be Natural


To prove your love to the Mother Nature, inject your bedchamber with the sea spirits. In this design, you will need a lot of natural components. The seagrass bed frame connects your mind to the ocean.

It is really interesting because the end-table and vanity are made of seagrass and wood. The wooden floor produces the warm and casual setting. Brown blanket and walls make your area so cohesive and timeless.

Floral and palm bedding looks very calming and tranquil. Your space seems more alive with the potted plant. The huge glass doors emanate a breezy atmosphere. And the area rug is extremely charming.

Pretty Wallpaper


Another easy way to live the sea life is by choosing wallpaper which comes in the sea creature motifs. For instance, you can’t go wrong with seashell, seahorse, seaweed, urchin, fish, or coral reef wallpaper.

This coral reef wallpapered-wall delivers the message of a carefree and welcoming environment. It matches nicely with the wall arts. Plus, you surely want to cycling around the sandy beach after seeing the patterned bedding.

You maybe feel like you are staying at a beach lodge when you step on the smooth wooden floor. To balance out the intricate patterns, paint your door in soft white.

Awesome Color Schemes


Even you are so far away from the striking ocean, you could make your coastal dream come true. But, you must pick out the right tones. Because the nice colors will give your room a unique personality.

Generally, the beachstyle bedrooms havesome eye-catching shades such as turquoise, lime green, red,and watery blue. Moreover, you are able to experiment with tan, caramel, taupe, and white palettes.

The cornflower blue walls meet harmoniously with the white wooden furniture. Then the caramel wooden floor and beige pillows lend you an intimate and inviting atmosphere. Everything is magnificently designed.

Boy’s Beach Bedroom


We understand that your teen boy truly has a love for an island life. So, why don’t you upgrade his bedroom with this idea? First of all, coat the walls in muted paintcolor like a periwinkle blue.

Furthermore, decorate your lovely son’s room with a shark-shaped wall hanging. It would be better if you also purchase a shark blanket and pillows.

An adjustable wooden stool complements boy’s area. While the wicker basket and rattan area rug showcase the cozy air. Do not forget to put the skateboard or surfboard in order to radiate the edgy style.

Happy Cottage Bedroom


Need of a sweet escape? You do not have to get out of town, because your bedchamber can be the most relaxing retreat. The walls are mesmerizingly stained in coral paint.

The bolster, armless chair, and geometric pattern pillows have the same hue. Look at the tosca headboard, yellow bedding, and delicate green curtains! They all give the space shots of tone.

Paintings are artfully arranged above the bed and end table. They tuck your space into something appealing and fresh. Polished wooden floor does not only look shiny, but also warms up the room.

Nautical Edge


This understated bunk room definitely ‘wows’ you. The boat bed frame will bring you to the adventurous voyage while you are sleeping. The ship and world map paintings liven up the space instantly.

The timeworn brown leather armchair still looks great. The artificial flower is flattering as well. You probably do agree that the striped bedding set just seems so nautical.

There are also the white wooden walls that successfully open up the room. And the reclaimed wood floor also emanates the rustic nuance.

Tropical Touch


You will easily find the idyllic beaches in tropical destinations. If you wanna add a cheerful atmosphere to your sleeping chamber, install this attractive wallpaper. For the bedding, you can select the same theme.

Additionally, we suggest you to suspend a wooden ceiling fan with the lights. The wooden cabinet functions as your storage. Keep the ceiling and your floor subdued. All is beautifully lit here.

After taking a peek at those coastal bedroom design ideas, you surely know what you should do next. However, you must consider your personal taste, need, and budget. So, the makeover is gonna be jaw-dropping.


By Hafeezah Husna

A freelance writer with a love of all things decor. Enjoys everything associated with home interior design. Love to sleep! :D

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