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  • 8 Contemporary Bedroom StyleThat Will Make You Reluctant to Get Out of Your Room

Some people tend to spend their leisure time on weekends in their beds, gaming or watching their favourite TV shows or movies on their laptops when they don’t have any plan or reluctant to go out. Just having their me time lay down in their most comfortable beds pampering themselves when off from work.

Your friends may come to visit and would like to know how comfortable your bedroom is. You shouldn’t be worried if you have a clean and cosy room.

A cosy bedroom is a magical place in which you can get some novel and brilliant ideas to be applied to your works. Here is our short list of contemporary bedrooms we have thoughtfully picked just for you.

Go Black and White


To get the nuance of minimalism in your room, limit the furniture that you consider it’s not necessary. This picture below is a perfect example of creating a balance of comfort and luxury in your bedroom. White ceiling and a black rug that placed just right under the striking floating bed complement the overall look.

Not just that. A distinctive black and white metropolis poster taken from a particular view behind the white shelf and black interior design behind the bed simply add a glamorous feel to some extent.

Installing More Windows


In order to get a good air circulation, having a couple of windows or more is highly recommended. It will allow you to inhale plenty of fresh air and enjoy a nice view outside.

Fresh air is good for your health. When you have a good rest and some fresh air, you’ll wake up with a fresh face and have plenty of energy to deal with your daily task at work, which is good for your career.

Slightly moody colour walls that have no accents, white ceiling and windows present you a peaceful ambience. Some grey pillows and lines that mostly have the same colour blend in a harmony. In addition, a graphic rug, wooden floor and bed give you somewhat an elegant vibe.

Be Creative


The very first thing about this unique bedroom that caught my eye is the thin white art decoration that is nicely stuck on the wall. The large windows share a great amount of natural lighting in the room that blends well with the overall look, which creates a tranquil ambience.

The bed covered with a white blanket and soft pillows that have similar colours to the surrounding. There are also a chair and a bedside table. Every piece of the element in this room has a role that beautifies the room. It was designed with a clever idea and an imaginative thought.

Contemporary with A Touch of Rustic Vibe


As you take a look at this lovely bedroom, you’ll—in no time, fall in love with the panorama that this room offers to you beyond the enormous windows. As you can see, it’s a view of a blue sea outside.

I love the stunning wood ceiling, which can easily be noticed as one of the critical points of the room that somehow creates a pleasant feeling. The grey walls and a clever way of bedding by choosing a geometrical style blanket and pillows that’ll bewitch you to fall asleep quickly.

Get Warm Vibe with Wood


Go bold with a pure wood interior to obtain a warmth and comfort feeling. The wood furniture and floor that take up some extensive space in this room really present you an inviting look with their simplicity.

A brilliant combination of the white ceiling and wall which well-matched with the black and white theme that was carefully picked here, honestly will amaze you. A large window can be seen hiding behind the white curtain.

Adding Couple of Mirrors


The bed is dominantly covered with white lines, pillows stacks neatly on the headboard, and it sits between the twin mirrors, while some small painting with the same size are right above it. The white bed suits perfectly with the black wall behind it.

It gives the idea of simplicity and cleanliness that make contemporary styles are somewhat huge worldwide. It feels just right when you have a beautiful white flower or even some more.

Get Some Chairs


If you have a spacious area, you can have some chairs and a table. The simple colours this master bedroom has, leave a pleasant and calm look.

The windows also liven up the entire room by allowing lights penetrate naturally. Not to mention the open feeling of an airy room. If you open the curtain or the window, you can spoil yourself with the lovely view.

Contemporary Bedroom with Black Canopy


Here’s a contemporary grey bedroom with a black canopy and a couple of windows that comes in the same size along with the twin lamps on top of the shelves. You can lay down in the grey chaise while reading your favourite books there. A square-framed window equipped on the wall adjacent to the bed.

Now, which one from these contemporary bedroom ideas that suit your style? Either one, you can always make some adjustment to match your house’s whole design.


By Hafeezah Husna

A freelance writer with a love of all things decor. Enjoys everything associated with home interior design. Love to sleep! :D

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