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After you get through a stressful day, all you want is a relaxing personal retreat. But, you probably are not relieved while stepping into your own bedroom. That means you must alter the way it looks.

For you who are dreaming of a new tranquility, you are in the right place. Because we have curated Asian bedroom ideas that will make you relaxed as you open the door.

Japanese Condo Bed


If you fall in love with the Asian culture, this idea is the way to go. Japanese décorwill turn your chamber into a harmonious corner. Once you adopt it, you continuously feel it’s a Zen-like atmosphere.

First thing first, choose earth tones for the interior. You can paint the wall in soft yellow. Then, shoji screens are installed to provide a maximum natural lighting during the daytime.

A condo bed adds a rustic personality to the room. For decorative elements, everything is kept minimal. So you only spot an artificial bamboo tree, Buddha statue, and leafless bonsai plant.

The Majesty of China


You do not need to be an emperor to feel the Oriental charm. This antique Chinese bed obviously reminisces about the old dynasty. Its sheer canopy is not only lavish but also offers you a nostalgic air.

Since the bed and floor are already dark, the ceiling and walls must be colored in white. They seriously symbolize the concept of Yin and Yang. All isso balanced.

For accessories, you never go wrong with chic red Chinese lanterns. And the blankets should be in green and red. There is a belief that they can bring luck, prosperity, longevity and good fortune.

Asian Contemporary Design


Generally, Asian décoris influenced by nature. That’s why you must incorporate wood into your space. You can use lightwood for the floor, bench, bed frame, bookshelf, and a small side table.

To avoid the bedchamber from looking claustrophobic, use white and beige as your dominant color. A deep brown fur rug and blanket match nicely with those hues. The low hanging pendant light illuminates your room in the night.

Cheerful Indian Flavor


Every design is unique in its own way, so does the Indian bedroom style. Color richness becomes the popular feature here. As an example, you will find out the multi-colored rug, bright wall, and vibrant bedding.

Moreover, it also exhibits a visual interest in the form of mesmerizing handicrafts. The pendant lamp, side table, and ceiling hangings are just so Indian. While the cushions and painting show off the deities.

Four Poster Bed


If you are searching for the utmost elegance, go for a vintage four-poster bed. It certainly will make a grand statement. You can pair it with a beautifully carved bench.

Furthermore, exhibit the regal character by painting your bedchamber walls in the ruby red. This tone helps you to achieve the Asian touches instantly. The red circle rug blends perfectly with the wooden floor.

Yellow cushions and hints of gold signify the wealth. Giant glass doors tuck the bedroom into something airy, sunny, and open. Plus, the potted plant and flowers add some life to it.

The Unforgotten Vacation


Whenever you heard about Thailand, a beautiful tropical destination pops-up in your mind. This personal sanctuary looks so breezy. Moreover, the neutral palette keeps the room uncluttered and spacious.

The elephant patterned-blanket exudes the authentic Thai design. And wall hangings are absolutely alluring. Wanna infuse yours with more Thai nuances? Place the wooden mat on the floor and install a ceiling fan.

Thinking of the great types of furniture? Wooden one won’t stop capturing your heart. They marry together with the shining wood floor as well.

The Powerful Blue


The Asian décoris not just about red, gold, and black. In Chinese culture, blue has a positive meaning and represents the spring. And it can change your bedchamber into a relaxing area.

Additionally, there are black bedside tables. They harmoniously match with the headboard. The striped cushion and patterned pillow give playful vibes. The oval mirror does its job on decorating the whole space.

A wall-mounted painting is aesthetically appealing. While the gorgeously glazed ceramic jars are compulsory embellishments to achieve the Asian nuance without being chaotic. We surely promise they are what you have asked for.

Lovely Batik-inspired Bedroom


In Indonesia, batik is incorporated in almost all aspects. Its delicate patterns are supremely adorable for any bedroom. As you can see, the batik cushions produce an ethnic auraeffortlessly.

Then, the batik tapestry in the bed magnificently complements the cushion. Interestingly, the armchairs have batik motifs too. Since the batik is already intricate, you need to paint the ceiling and walls in white.

The next step is to bring an indoor palm tree to createa serene tropical ambience. Most Indonesian also suspend plastic ceiling fan, so you shall do the same. Lastly, add an artistic value to your room with the help of artworks.

Essentially, the Asian bedroom design is incredible. Whether you opt for a modern, traditional,or contemporary theme, it always channel your inner peace and Zen.


By Hafeezah Husna

A freelance writer with a love of all things decor. Enjoys everything associated with home interior design. Love to sleep! :D

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