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The bedroom often connected with the way of life of the room occupant. The bedroom is a personal room that accommodates the various needs of its inhabitant. The bedroom owner can express anything inside their own room freely without any hindrance.

For someone to have a nice and private time, their bedroom needs to be cosy for themselves. There are a lot of things we can do to make our bedroom become the most comfortable place for ourselves. Here are a few pieces of advice we can give to you on designing a Comfortable Bedroom:

Keep it White


Design your bedroom with a white color. Why choose white as the theme? Because, the white color can reducing anxiety and provide a calming effect for the bedroom occupant.

Applying an all-white color to your bedroom will easily lead you to a relaxed feeling. It can also make easier for you to sleep soundly on your bed every night. With a good quality of sleep, you will be ready to face your daily routine.

If the white themed bedroom is not to your liking, you may choose another color with a soft and calm characteristic. You can use a light green, light blue or any pastel color for your bedroom to give a nice and cosy aura.

Stay Minimalism


To create such a nice and cosy bedroom, make sure to keep everything simple. You might want to add some pieces of art in your bedroom such as a painting. Make sure to put only one painting on the wall.

Use “less is more” mindset when decorating your beloved bedroom. With lesser things in your bedroom, it will be more spacious and comfortable for you to do any kinds of your activity inside.

Plush Your Bed


Changing your bedding into the plush types will give a very nice and soft feeling to your skin. It is incredibly comfortable and warm when you lie on your bed, especially in a cold weather. There is no better feeling than sinking deep in your plush bed.

For a woman, it is a good idea to add some stuffed dolls on your bed. Stuffed dolls can give a relaxing feeling when hugged. And, it is a nice addition to decorate your lovely bedroom.

Light and Dim


Lighting is a must in a bedroom. Natural sunlight is nice for the day, but for the night you will surely need a lighting that suitable for sleeping. Therefore, it is a good thing to place a bedside or sleeping lamp to make you sleep soundly every night.

Good lighting installation can keep your eyes in a good health. Make sure to keep a good amount of brightness in your room. Too much or lack of light in your bedroom may damage your vision.

Furry Rug


Add one piece of rug or maybe a thick carpet in the middle of your bedroom to spoil your tired feet every time you step on them. One thing to consider when adding a rug or carpet in the bedroom is its cleanness. Keep the rug always dry, because it might get moldy if stepped on with wet feet.



The most popular aroma for relaxation is Lavender. Put a drop of aromatherapy oil on your pillow or sheets and enjoy the relaxing scent that will send you to your nice and comfortable sleep.

You may also want to buy an aromatherapy kit or a diffuser to prevent stain on your pillow by dropping the scented oil directly to it. Make sure you use all natural ingredients from a reputable brand when choosing an aromatherapy to avoid any health risks.

Bedroom Greenery


Keep your bedroom refreshed by placing some ornamental plants in the corner of your bed. For a healthy bedroom decoration, choose indoor plants that are easy to take care and can help clean the air.

One example of suitable plants for the bedroom is Sansevieria. The main reason is because it is easy to maintain. Sansevieria also has benefit such as cleaning the air and relieves some allergy.

Keep it Clean


Cleanliness is a mandatory. A clean bedroom leads to a better health. Never wait for the bedroom to become dirty. Always clean your bedroom regularly, every day.

Even more, you can keep everything uncluttered by using a proper cabinet inside your room. A pastel color can also make your room look neat, fresh, and clean. As you can see on the picture, the tone gives a warm and comfort feeling into the room. You might want to try it.

Lots of things can be done to make a nice and comfortable bedroom. You can apply all from those enlist above or only a few that are suitable for your bedroom. Make sure that every change you’ve made to your bedroom leads to the most relaxing feeling for your comfort needs.


By Hafeezah Husna

A freelance writer with a love of all things decor. Enjoys everything associated with home interior design. Love to sleep! :D

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