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Upgrading your sleep space is such an interesting thing to do. We absolutely know thata traditional bedroom would captivate your heart. Especially if you respect the culture and tradition.

Luckily, it never gets out of style. It has a fantastic charm which makes you feel at home and royal at the same time. Let’s jump into these old century inspirations.

Cathedral Ceiling


An easy way to transform your bedchamber into a dated one is by installing the Cathedral ceiling. It certainly introduces a character to yours. Nothing speaks classic than a white-painted ceiling for sure.

Beside adding height to your space, it creates an open and visually larger space too. And neutral-toned kind of furniture such as bedding, pillows, and armchairs give the uniform effect.

Moreover, the fireplace is tastefully made of natural stone. It does not only introduce a sense of warmth and intimacy but also fits nicely with the wooden floor. And the ceiling fan is just so timeless.

Four-Posted Bed


When you want to inject your sleeping area with a classic touch, go for the four-poster bed. For a man’s bedroom, you can choose a hardwood bed frame and tall headboard.

You won’t get wrong with a dark grey, navy, or black curtains. They obviously strengthen the masculine aura. Anda bedside table should come in the deep shade as well.

The walls are strikingly colored in beige to keep the room muted. Then, the painting and artwork promote a visual interest. As you step in the bedchamber, you rule your own kingdom.

Vintage Light Fixture


A traditional furnishing will tuck your chamber into a regal retreat. But, it does not look too formal. The chandelier is such a charming antique stuff, of course. Its brass finish matches beautifully with golden wall ornaments.

Furthermore, an intricate chandelier also exhibits the luxurious air like what the wall mural and silk curtains do.

The rest of the room is kept subdued due to the glitzy hairpin tables. The bedding and pillows have calm tones. The double-wooden bench is functional yet cool. We guarantee you love being on the bed all day.

Smart Use of Patterns


If you firmly adore the traditional space, do not hesitate to play with the everlasting patterns. Tartan is so popular because it is ahistorical fashion staple. In this bedroom, a tartan blanket and cushions work as focal points.

The ceiling is stained in a pure white color. And the bedsheet, artificial flowers, and pillow have the same hue.

From the floor to the decorative elements, everything is made from a well-polished wood. The combination of a tartan and wood make the bedroom standout. It also remains classic.

Antique Furniture


Typically, a traditional-themed bedroom is distinguished by its soft color. But let your imagination run wild. If you think those subdued tones are quite boring, you can select a rich space scheme.

Instead of painting the color in white, tan, or beige, the homeowner picks out a bold green. The green walls are paired with a patterned area rug to pamper your feet.

Your room is not set in a traditional flair without the presence of vintage kinds of furniture. As you can see, there areretro sunburst mirror, yellow settee, and a gold bed frame. While the crystal orb chandelier acts as the attention grabber.

Symmetrical Placings


Balance in the bedroom is the hallmark of a traditional design. When you place the furniture and fixtures symmetrically, you do a good job. Plus, it tends to leave you with secure feelings too.

In this elegant bedchamber, the picture frames are nicely positioned. Then, the pillows, cushions, table lamps, and bedside tables follow the oldest trick as well. They depict a neat setting.

The great work of ceiling beams is just completely symmetrical. An oversized tufted headboard and a cool mirror with brass finish add a punch of royalty to your room.

Think of Pizzazz


Who says the traditional style is super dull and full of antiques? To allow you feel the coziness while enjoying the aesthetic appeal, spruce up yours with a funky wallpaper. This wall is adorned witha carnation wallpaper in cream and red.

Go the extra mile by purchasing covers for your cushions and pillows in the same pattern. The fiery red flowers add more life to your bedchamber. They blend stunningly with plaid bench, red armchair, vintage floor lamp, and red curtains.

Look at the ornate area rug! It is seriously attractive. For the bedding, headboard, door, and wall come in a white hue.

Head-Turning Floor


Wanna showcase the aristocracy? The walnut herringbone parquet floor can be the best option. It emanates the luxury while lending you the majestic of the Victorian age.

We recommend you to select a floral stool, caramel high-back armchair, retro bedside tables, and lamps. The walls should be wallpapered for an appealing look.

Morning sunlight brighten up your space through plenty of windows. The expandable shades provide you with privacy in the night. An artwork tucks your room into an artistic corner.

We hope you already get inspired by our traditional and amazing bedroom ideas because they will fit any home. But, make sure you find something you supremely love.


By Hafeezah Husna

A freelance writer with a love of all things decor. Enjoys everything associated with home interior design. Love to sleep! :D

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