Designing your chamber is seriously paramount. Without a good taste, it is really hard to get a better sleep. If you want to have a blissful night’s rest, your personal escape should be chic and serene.

Of course, the bohemian bedroom decorating ideas are what you look for. We guarantee you would love them. That’s why we compiled wonderful inspirations for your artistic need.

Neutral Boho

When you think of the gypsy style, a colorful room might come to your mind. Actually, boho is not just about bright tones. Because you can bring the eclectic air to your room with neutral palettes.

From the ceiling to the floor, everything is kept muted. Beige, white, tan, and caramel are the main shades here. They give the room a peaceful and calming ambience.

This room does not look flat with the help of delicate patterns and textures. Look at the headboard, throw pillow, area rug, and blankets. They add lots of personality. And the indoor plants emanate an organic setting.

Floral Prints

Do you have the eclectic vision? You will fall in love with this room quickly for sure. This girl’s sleepy space seems so captivating because of the floral patterned wallpaper.

Moreover, the accent wall is accompanied by a floral-print table lamp and above-bed painting. There is a huge dose of cool prints in throw pillows too. The hanging little party gowns take the center stage.

The hot pink armchair and dresser are extremely charming. Large glass windows make this boho space feel sunny, airy and bright. Playing with many colors result in funky and cheerful vibe.

String Lights

The string lights are hallmark of the hippie style. They have a few of advantages. First, they deliver magical touches to your bedchamber. Second, they tuck your area into something romantic and elegant. Third, they are truly inexpensive.

You can string these fairy lights around your walls. Plus, you are able to use them as a window ornament. They amazingly illuminate the floral bedding with their soft glow.

This space also shows off the carefree soul through the painting of an Eiffel Tower that is hanging on the wall and other framed artworks. It is gonna be nice if you also complement the subdued wall with your favorite quote.

Influenced by Moroccan

Once you opt for this exotic flair, your day never seems dull. Additionally, the Bohemian style and Moroccan tapestry are two inseparable things. The wall art presents as focal point.

The thin striped armchair and throw pillows definitely will draw your eyes. Tons of excitement are also seen in the form of bedside tables. The blue blanket changes your room into a trendy and lively area.

Walls are coated in white paint to let the tapestry and wall art pop. And the wicker rug brings your bedchamber to the whole new eclectism. All is worth admiring.

The Clash of Cultures

Since we live in the globalized world, one culture meets the others easier and faster than before. When you upgrade your abode in the Bohemian style, you can implement culture mixing.

The bedchamber is richly designed with the touch of two main cultures. Ceiling light, rug, and paintings are so Moroccan. While the bedding and wall embellishments represent the Aztec décor.

We suggest you to balance out the intricate patterns by painting your ceiling and walls in white color. Lush greenery reflects your ultimate love to the Mother Nature.

Plenty of Throw Pillows

People typically associate a gypsy design with clutter and mess. It is indeed wrong. Although boho bedchamber is characterized by a lot of stuff, it does not get overwhelming.

Like picture shown above, the throw pillows dominate the space from the bed to the open cabinets. Their perky character lend this room a comfortable, daring,and welcoming atmosphere.

However, an overload of throw pillows is entirely not allowed. The crystal chandelier enhances the sense of luxury in this space. We are sure that your mind is blown as you step in it.

Billowing Fabrics

Creating a Bohemian bedroom is not so difficult. All you needs are hanging fabrics. As you can see, sheer fabrics in this bedchamber offer a visual interest. They absolutely look appealing.

Furthermore, the walls are stained in blue. The painting produces a dramatic and whimsical effect. Bedsides, the table fits perfectly with the table lamp. They all appear so stylish. Patterned bedding functions as a head-turner addition.

The Rustic Value

This pretty bedchamber combines both the unpretentious rustic style with boho’s charm. The distressed wood headboard, wood log stool, wood floor, plant containers, and armless chair display the rustic character.

While a macrame tapestry, goatskin rug, and cow skull wall hanging totally exhibit the majesty of gypsy. Potted plants add some life to this alluring bedroom. To highlight the rustic and boho elements, the rest of the room is painted in white.

So, what are your thoughts on those Bohemianstyle bedroom ideas? Hopefully, they motivate you to update your existing retreat. Do not wait any longer! Give the most enticing inspiration a try!


By Hafeezah Husna

A freelance writer with a love of all things decor. Enjoys everything associated with home interior design. Love to sleep! :D

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