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It is a fact that the urban style is quite popular among homeowners these days. Its characteristic gives you a cosmopolitan atmosphere. We can easily find it blooms everywhere in many houses and it is not only in big citiesbut also in rural areas as well.

Anybody would make the most of their free time for relaxing and doing their private chores on the bed. With that in mind, people come up with the idea on how to make their bedrooms as snug as possible – a hideout where you finally be able to escape from, reality, deadline, and stuff.

Decorate Your Room with What You Like


From the look of the room, we can tell that this room is designed for anybody who’s fond of music. An enormous chalkboard on which you can write or draw something. There arealsolevitating shelves where you can put books or any favored CDsthat placed above the grey sofa.

The wooden bed looks lively and suitable for teens with a British flag duvet, normal-is-boring pillow, and a guitar hanging on the white wall just right over the bed next to the door. With the hardwood flooring, this bedroom gives a natural and welcoming vibe.

Installing Fireplace


Warmness can be obtained by installing a fireplace in your room. A warm and cosy atmosphere can really be felt as you glance at this charming grey loft master bedroom feature fireplace, exposed ductwork, substantial windows, and a ceiling fan.

The floating bed with grey comforter is precisely positioned between two paintings. Hardwood is a good choice of flooring with a brown rug that lays under the grey chair near the fireplace – what a clever way to design a loft bedroom.

Graffiti Style


Kids are usually into vivid colours, aren’t they? This bedroom appears with a beautiful graffiti wallpaper attached wall-to-wall and has two daybeds with the same bright colours bedding.

A kid room is almost always messy with tons of toys scattered everywhere in the room. Take it easy! This daybed has the solution for that.

Each daybed has a built-in storage that will help you save your children’s toys and such. You can keep your kids’ room clean and clutter free. In addition, this room also provides you a white cupboard.

Small Room Idea


If you happen to have a small space room, this picture will give you an idea to decorate your own urban bedroom. The concrete ceiling and pillar appear in their basic form without being painted. Meanwhile, the wall is painted with white colour.

The white curtain and duvet really go together, while an elaborate motif rug can be seen lay under the bed. A navy blue curtain and elaborate rug liven up the small room somehow.

Partitioning with Glass


You need to be an imaginative person to create an enchanting room just like this one. This room features a hanging glass divider that separates the room from the kitchen. If I had a room like this, I would definitely forbid kids to play around the room since they could hit the glass partition.

A modern vibe comes from the touch of beige walls and light fixture hung on the concrete ceiling. There’s also a lovely painting hung on the wall over the bed.

Sliding Door


This room features sliding doors, a hanging plasma screen, and a black spiral staircase that takes us to this bedroom. Those combinationsmakethe room look so magnificent.

Outside the bedroom, you can see brick walls along with a semicircle window allowing lights to penetrate inside the room. The light illuminate the room from outside with a beamed ceiling that creates a warm nuance.

Exposed Brick Wall


People may have a different taste when it comes to the bedroom style. Some people tend to have concrete walls in their rooms so that they can be painted with suitable colours.

Other people are quite into having rooms with brick walls. A room with brick wall reveals its own beauty by showing its rough form with its unique red colour. There’s also a window right in the centre of the brick wall. It’s a wonderful choice that will blend well with the urban style.

The bed has a colourful duvet, chair, and desk. Hung on the exposed brick wall, shelves can be used to put some small objects. The idea of having a shallow bed is to create more space in order to get a spacious room.

Using Wood as Partition Wall


I absolutely in love with the idea of creating a wall divider with wood. This beautiful wooden divider has two functions, as a bed headboard and a room divider. In my humble opinion, a wood element always gives and creates a modern look and welcoming atmosphere.

The slat partition wall suits just fine with the wooden floor. That’s why people love to include a wood element in their interior decoration. Open the grey curtains and you’ll see the city view through a large window while lying in the bed.

There you go! You can choose one from the above list or even combine some urban bedroom styles you liked. Either way, it’s fully your own decision.


By Hafeezah Husna

A freelance writer with a love of all things decor. Enjoys everything associated with home interior design. Love to sleep! :D

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