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Each people have their own preferred design for their home. This preference also applied to their bedroom. A vintage design is widely known as an old-school style and often applied by a woman. Most women love the vintage theme because it has a soft touch.

The vintage design also gives a lot of comforting feeling when applied correctly. In this article, we will point some key focus on what you must pay attention when making a nice lovely bedroom with a vintage theme. Here they are:

Calming and Washed Color


The main concern when designing a vintage bedroom is the color theme. Vintage design is generally dominated by soft or pastel color like brown, white, khaki, and crème. You can apply these color on bedroom walls, cabinets, sofas, and your room decoration.

Wallpapers with vintage motifs can also be used to replace wall paints. Make sure to use a simple motif so that the bedroom won’t look tacky. With the correct use of bedroom color and motifs, the bedroom will look elegant.

Old but Stylish Furniture


One of the main focuses that can change the appearance of the room from plain to vintage is the bed frame. This can immediately give a nice impression of vintage style when properly chosen. Choose a metal framed bed with a rustic or bronze color.

You can also add one or two cool furniture to put in the room. Pick carefully your dressers, cabinets, tables, or chairs with a sweet vintage touch. A natural rustic impression or carved furniture goes best with the vintage themed bedroom.

Match your Bedsheet


A bedsheet with floral and soft color matched well with the vintage themed bedroom. Some soft color you can use for your bedsheet is white, soft pink, or pastel colors. Make sure to avoid any dark colored bedsheet, this applies to the pillow and the bedcover too.

You can add more pillows in your bed to give a more comfortable feeling when you lie in your lovely bed. Just remember to use soft tones or a chic flowery pattern that will complement the whole vintage looks in your room.

Wall Decoration


Decorating the wall is a mandatory for the vintage bedroom style. Vintage design always involved an antique clock and mirrors. Usually, the mirrors have an oval or square frame with a beautiful carving. Wooden carved clocks can be put on the bedside table.

Other things you can use to make a vintage style bedroom are photo frames. You can use different sized photo frames altogether without symmetrical patterns. Put it on the wall above your bed headboard. You can put your photos or leave them blanks, it’s your call.

Classic Bed


The bed is the main attention of a bedroom. To design a vintage themed bedroom, you need to use a bed that equipped with a canopy. This classic bed frame does it job on making the room look vintage and elegant.

Although it only has some furniture, the room still captured the classy yet modern vibe. The best thing is, that this idea can be applied either on a huge bedroom or a small room.

Floral Curtain


This one object sometimes escapes from our attention, even though its existence is quite influential in a bedroom. Generally, many people use plain curtains to make it easier when deciding to change the whole look.

But instead of playing safe, why don’t you try a flowery pattern on your curtains? The existence of a floral motif can make the bedroom look more alive. But still, you should pay attention to the color that you choose. As shown on the picture a small motif and beige wall color goes harmoniously.



Lighting is always an important point to build a certain bedroom design, especially for the vintage themed bedroom. You can use a chandelier with a classic design as your lamp choice.

Choose a lamp that emits light with a soft yellow color. By choosing yellow colored light, it will give a warm feeling to the bedroom. Soft yellow light also works well with vintage themed bedroom you designed.

Turkish Rug


Adding a rug with certain motifs into a room will drastically change its looks. There is a lot of vintage themed carpet to choose from. First, make sure to measure your room dimension to choose the right carpet to fit in.

If you already have a heavy patterned wall decoration for your bedroom, then you must keep the motifs of the rug simple. By doing this, it will prevent an overwhelming feeling in your bedroom because of the heavy motifs in the decoration and the carpet.

There are lots of things to consider when designing a perfect vintage bedroom style. But rest assured that by taking attention to the advice we provide, you will be able to design your very own vintage bedroom style that not only beautiful but also very comfortable.


By Hafeezah Husna

A freelance writer with a love of all things decor. Enjoys everything associated with home interior design. Love to sleep! :D

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