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If you are not well-rested, there must be something wrong with your sleeping chamber. In case you want to sleep sounder, you must either do a whole makeover or style it up.

But you face a lot of decor styles. Surely, you get overwhelmed. Do not panic! Because we have gathered a selection of 8 master bedroom designs for you. We are really sure you would love them.

Modern Cottage


When it comes to the bedroom upgrade, cottage style usually comes to you mind. It constantly reminisces about magnificent beaches too. We guarantee you fall for a chic and an alluring modern country cottage.

Wide plank wooden floor, white wooden bed frame, and wooden door frame lend this space cottage setting. White is one of the main color scheme here. It gives the room cozy, bright and open feel.

The geometric throw pillow, blanket, patterned tablecloth and walls have Carolina blue shade. They produce the modern twist for sure. Table lamps also boost the sense of modernism. Indoor plants certainly add some life.

Lovely Industrial Flair


Industrial decor is generally characterized by its unfinished and raw personality. Surprisingly, you are able to create unpretentious yet luxurious retreat. And nothing seems as good as this bedchamber.

White brick wall, floor lamp, table lamps, and exposed steel pipes clearly deliver the unrefined touch to your personal sanctuary. Plus, the polished concrete floor is so charming and lavish here.

Dark grey platform bed and ceramic jar radiate the masculine aura. Black shag rug speaks of opulence. Wall artworks reflect your unique taste.

Go Boho


Do you highly admire eclecticism? If so, this is the best idea for you. Like the photo shown above, the whitewashed brick wall and green step ladder bedside tables are truly cool.

The brown wooden floor and wicker table lamps provide the warm ambience. Polka dot curtain and cow print stools let you snuggle in the gypsy space. The red patterned headboard definitely takes the center stage.

Layers of patterns and textiles on the bed adorn your area. Since yours is already perky, keep the rest of the room muted. Getting out of your bed is gonna be the hardest thing to do.

Antique Meets Modern


Sometimes, you simply mix the traditional and contemporary pieces to achieve a captivating bedchamber. It keeps you from sticking to the rigid style. Be happy as the final outcome is entirely amazing.

The chandelier, warm wooden floor, armchairs, nightstands, table lamps, and wall sconces display the vintage beauty. They help you inject the room with warmth. In addition, they exude the upscale atmosphere.

On the other hand, bedding, area rug, glass windows, and downlights look so stylish. With the help of those sleeker furnishings, your bedroom does not appear overly stuffy.

Bed is The Centerpiece


Regardless the size of your personal chamber, bed is inseparable element. As the most crucial part, you should pay more attention to it. Moreover, your bed can function as head-turning stuff too.

In this picture, Japanese-inspired large wooden platform bed and overscaled wooden headboard absolutely draw your eyes. They seemingly command your space and fit perfectly with the dark wooden floor.

Thanks to the giant windows, your room is filled with morning sunlights. The ceiling and walls are coated in white to exhibit airy feeling.

Astonishing Wall Mural


The appearance of your bedroom cannot be overlooked anymore. And this wall mural will transform yours into a misty forest instantly. Moreover, it brings your area to the new dimension.

To us, this sleepy space is extremely appealing. The accent wall blends awesomely with the wooden floor and tan round chairs.

Then, play with the other neutral palettes. Bed frame, table lamps and bedside tables come in deep black. The bedsheet and blanket are grey. While the pillows have white shade. Everything is tastefully appointed.

Tropical Escape


Whenever you are in this room, you feel like traveling to tropical country. Look at the crown molding! It is totally enticing. The homeowner also showcases giraffe statues.

Canopy four-poster bed is not only striking, but also offers welcoming ambience. The windows grab the attention.Wooden ceiling fan and hardwood floor alter yours into relaxing zone.

The nature-themed paintings fantastically liven up your sleepy space. Animal print throw pillows give your room rich colors and exotic vibes. This is what you ask for, right?

Fancy Taupe


Taupe is so versatile. You can mix it with a lot of hues. However, we strongly recommend you bright colors to emanate the playful atmosphere. If you select dark tone, yours would be gloomy.

This bedchamber is fully taupe, with the exception of tufted bench, table lamp, long pillow, and throw pillow.

Unexpectedly, taupe’s domination makes this room standout and sumptuous. While the patterned taupe and yellow blanket adds visual interest to your personal space. The glass doors bring in the sunlights.

Thus, our master designs can be adjusted based on your personal preference. Whatever your choice, we know the result couldn’t be more spectacular.


By Hafeezah Husna

A freelance writer with a love of all things decor. Enjoys everything associated with home interior design. Love to sleep! :D

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