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If you’re given a chance to design your dream bedroom, what kind of design will it be? How big it’ll be? What material your bed will be made of. What color would you choose and so on.

There are just some basic questions when you’d like to have a room that screams your true personality. Here we’ve collected eight bedroom style we hope they’d help you to decide what style that fits for you.

1. Minimalist


Minimalist style is said to be a right choice for you who have an optimist personality and always rely on based reasonable facts if you are about to decide something.

You have already weighed it first from many sensible sources and accurate data than merely from a hunch, which sometimes isn’t always true. This minimalist bedroom tells you don’t have to put things that aren’t necessary.

By having fewer materials in your room, you’ll have plenty of time and energy to deal with your works or problems, and not wasting time on how you should add something in your room since the room is already at its pinnacle in terms of look.

2. Romantic


If you’re a married couple who seek for intimacy, you’re perhaps looking for a romantic bedroom style to live up your intimate relationship. With the wall being painted grey, beautiful lanterns and white headboard, the romantic atmosphere feel’s so strong here.

Serving a bedroom breakfast for you dearest one can be a clever way to increase your passionate life. “I think I’d miss you even I’d never met you.” – what romantic words. The pillows won’t let you get out of the bed with those magical words.

3. Classic


Many people are in love with classic furniturefor many reasons. From its simple style to its valuable material, classic style will always be everybody’s favorite. It’d be a wonderful option for you who love the simplicity and welcoming ambiance.

Moreover, a classic bedroom has an ancient flavor and richness of finishes. Those are just some of the reasons why people are into classic style – so am I.

You just love being who you are and want nothing to change. Classic looks also give you calm and it’s perfect for you who don’t really like bright color or new improvements.

4. Masculine


The word “masculine” has a very strong relation to men in many ways so that when we mentioned masculine bedroom style we may have the same opinion that this particular style is for men.

If you’re a man and are single at the moment, it’d be easy for you to design your room to have a unique and interesting look or as masculine as it can be. It can also be used to show your identity by showing your masculine side when decorating your room.

5. Feminine


By the look of its decorations and colors, you may already guess that this room has a bold feminine touch that’s why this room is very much addresed for female – especially young girls.

It’s a ladylike room that reveals your feminine side. It has bright color with sweet bedding, a mirror, and Dalmation lamp creating a sweet vibe altogether. A feminine bedroom style typically has a combination with bright color such as white and pink.

Some love or positive quotes can also be stuck on the walls to remind you to achieve your dreams or goals. You can even make a list of good things about yourelf to encourage you to be kind with friends or people.

6. Modern


Simple and clean that’s what modern style look like or how it’s described. It often goes with the term “less is more. “ That’s why you won’t unecessary things in modern style. The reason why modern style is popular because of its simplicity with a touch of minimalism.

It’d be okay if you want be combine it with traditional style.If you’d like to add some traditional or classic furniture, for examle, it’ll be fine though – the result will speak for itself.

Modern style oftentimes has clean lines and minimalist look. If a clean room with a minimalist ambiance that’s what you’re looking for, then this modern style has the right answer for you.

7. Lively


Look how lively the room is. It’s full of different colors and energy that’s very typical of kids or teenagers. With the map of the world, colorful bedding and an acoustic guitar, this is a perfect example of a room for your kids who are always full of beans.

It’s perfect for teenagers too since their lives are often described with full of colors as shown in this picture. You won’t feel bored even if you’re alone in this room.

8. Eclectic


I’m amazed by the beautiful background of this room. This eclectic style will match with your personality who dare to challenge yourself to try something new. With an animal print rug, white bedding and a couple of smooth pillows.

A morning person loves to wake up early, in fact, they usually wake up before the alarm clock ringing. An early bird tends to be happier than a night owl. They always full of energy with good emotions. This room style should fit for you.

People are unique in their own way of lives so we may have different opinions when it comes to style. So, which bedroom style do you think you had inspired by or you think it screams your true personality?


By Hafeezah Husna

A freelance writer with a love of all things decor. Enjoys everything associated with home interior design. Love to sleep! :D

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