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Old is gold. This statement means that you seriously never go wrong with a rustic design. Since it is already old, it does not get out of the trend. It has a unique character and distinctively wealthy effect.

That’s why a rustic bedroom style would be the best idea you choose from. Here, we are gonna ask you to think creatively on how to create a super soothing space. And our ideas undoubtedly cause the great astonishment.

Vintage Door Headboard


Although you are not living in the farmhouse, you are still able to steal its magnificence. Just consider to reuse your barn doors as your headboard. They send message that your sleeping space is not fully finished.

Attach them to your recent bed frame and you are set in the relaxing corner. The new headboard matches nicely with wooden bedside table. They all exude the warm and welcoming atmosphere.

To achieve coordinating appearance, do not forget to paint the ceiling and walls in the soft color like tan, caramel, or beige. Red and striped pillows add the lavish appeal to the bedroom instantly.

Stunning Accent Wall


Introduce a classic touch in your bedchamber by hanging a deer wall art. We suggest you to opt for a white shade. Because nothing tells you about a countryside décorbetter than this embellishment.

In this sleeping chamber, the deer ornament fits perfectly with the pillows, bedsheet, and the photo frame. You may also spot the tops of bedside tables that made of woods.

The table lamps illuminate the room in the night while producing a rustic industrial vibe. Patterned wallpaper, striped, and polka dot pillows make your bedroom more interesting.

Wall Sconces


Bring the nostalgic feeling to your personal retreat with the help of ornate wall candle sconces. They do not only function as decorative elements, but also brighten up your area awesomely.

Those black sconces are accompanied by a metal bed frame, antique fan, and alarm clock. The wooden headboard and bedside table display the unpretentious design in no time.

Moreover, the walls are kept muted. Then, select a monochromatic bedding and pillows. The presence of blooming flowers in a glass vase turns your space into a lively one.

Reclaimed Wood Wall


Most of the people possibly assume that a rustic décorwill fill your room with lots of clutter. It is totally wrong. In fact, you can build your walls out of reclaimed woods. They surely seems so neat and homey.

Furthermore, the wall-mounted shelf can be a space-saving storage. You can stash your favorite books and small artworks on it. Plus, it helps you evoke the woodland loveliness as well.

Ceiling and walls are painted in white. The bedside table, blanket, bed frame, and pillows have the same tone. Giant windows allow natural lights in during the daytime. The result is such a clean and airy area.

Tree Branch Bed Frame


Introduce the casual warmth to your bedchamber by picking out a captivating bed frame with a sheer canopy. And of course, nothing beats the fabulousness of tree branches. We promise you cannot stop gazing at this supremely inviting bedroom.

You can also conquer the limited space in a brilliant way. To boost the sense of coziness, place the goat skin rug on the floor. Since your area is tiny, install floating thin shelves.

Keep yours from looking bland by hanging a painting. For a calming ambience, stain the walls in a neutral palette. Everything is designed to give you a relaxed rest.

Exposed Beams


Your attic bedroom deserves the rustic touch too. Believe it or not, it is gonna steal your heart quickly due to its unpolished look. In this bedchamber, the homeowner proudly expose the wooden ceiling beams.

For a uniform decor, do not forget to build a wooden wall and install a wooden floor. White ceiling and white French-style doors produce a nice contrast to the wood materials.

The pillows have intricately beautiful patterns. They are a true like-getter. And the colorful area rugs transform your space into a playful setting. Once you lay down in the bed, you are gonna be more energized.

Limestone Fireplace


Inject your bedchamber with the unrefined aesthetic will result in the most alluring haven. Need a proof? Just look at this picture. As you can see, the rugged fireplace give a delightful twist to the whole area.

In addition, the fireplace is combined with a wooden floor and reclaimed wood walls. The carpeted floor and floral patterned pillows are so enchanting. The excessive use of large windows emanates a sunny and open personality.

The Brick’s Job


If you are really obsessed with a rustic flair, give this idea a try. The white brick wall leaves your room the unpolished feel. We are sure that you will love the way it looks.

The wood block bedside table is an attractive art. But it is not expensive because you can opt for a DIY version. It also reminds you of the ranch appeal. And the painting works as focal point.

Overall, those rustic bedroom inspirations are worth designing. But the choice is entirely yours.


By Hafeezah Husna

A freelance writer with a love of all things decor. Enjoys everything associated with home interior design. Love to sleep! :D

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