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The bedroom has a very important meaning in one’s life because it is more than just a room to sleep or rest. The bedroom is a special room for many favorite activities such as studying or working. Nowadays, many people choose to work from home, whether as a freelancer or a business owner.

People who work from home tend to use their bedroom as their workplace. For this reason, they need a bedroom design that is suitable, unique, and comfortable for them to work and rest. As a plus, a unique bedroom design may give lots of inspiration to the room occupant.

Some people may have a unique taste like the Bohemian style or usually known as “Boho”. This kind of design emphasizes freedom with a choice of bright colors and many other things that considered unique by most of people.

For those who wanted to create a unique boho bedroom style, we have some guidance on how to create the design on your own. Our guide based on our own opinion and research, so make sure to choose the most fitted design that is suitable for your own bedroom.

Boho Wall Color


The first thing to consider when designing a bedroom is the wall color. Pick a bright color like red, pink, or turquoise for the boho themed bedroom. Any other playful color is best suited to apply in the bedroom.

Boho Accessories


The boho style is identical to various unique accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, scarves, and earrings. To arrange a boho style bedroom, place these accessories in a special place or hang it on the wall.

The accessories design must be unique and reflects the character of the bedroom owner. You can find boho themed accessories in a flea market. Pick something that is unique but suited to your taste. Polish it with paint if necessary to make it looks new.

Ethnic Motif


The wallpaper is one of the most important elements for arranging the boho style bedroom. Correct selection of color and motives on wallpaper will strengthen the boho style to the bedroom. Floral and ethnic wallpaper motifs with bright colors are perfect to choose.

Plant Your Plants


Plant elements will make the bedroom look more fresh and cool. Place one or two pots of actual plants such as: cactus, orchids, or another type of ornamental plants. For a small sized bedroom, make sure to pick small plants, so it will not make the bedroom looks cramped.



The boho themed bedroom will lack its vibe if there is no artwork installed. The artwork is a must in a boho bedroom. Whether in the form of paintings, posters, sculptures, or even photographs. But of course, it will be better if you create your own artwork to be displayed in the bedroom.

An artwork will give a more colorful ambience and it can get rid of the monotonous impression of the bedroom. Even more, an artwork can give you lots of inspirations when you’re working at your bed. The right combination of artwork will give you a more comfortable atmosphere.



Decorate the bedroom floor using a carpet with boho motifs and bright colors. You can use carpet with geometric, striated, or carved motifs. Make sure to adjust the carpet color accordingly with your bedroom color theme.

If your bedroom wall has a plain color, you can freely use any motifs for your carpet. For a bedroom with a lot of ornaments and colorful wall, use a carpet with no more than three combination color.

Decorate Your Pillow and Bed Cover


Pillows and bed cover can affect the overall appearance of the bedroom. Use pillows and bedcover with a unique geometric bright colored motif that suitable with your bedroom theme.

Pick the motifs and color of your bed covers according to your carpet. If your carpet has already colorful with a lot of motifs, you might want to use a plain color for the bedcovers and vice versa. By doing this, you won’t feel overwhelmed with too many colors in your bedroom.

Creative Space


Create your own creative area in the bedroom. You can use a wide desk or even on the carpet. This area is used to store all of your equipments to channel your creative imagination come to reality.

In this particular space, you can embody everything that you can imagine. Whether it is a painting, knitted accessories, or dream catchers.

There is no limit when it comes to boho themes. You can make your imagination going as wild as possible to redecorate your lovely bedroom. Never limit your freedom on designing your perfect boho bedroom.

Choose and add everything you like for your bedroom. Make it your own private and safe places for yourself with anything you can imagine. But always pay attention that the most important thing about bedroom is it must be comfortable for yourself.


By Hafeezah Husna

A freelance writer with a love of all things decor. Enjoys everything associated with home interior design. Love to sleep! :D

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