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Black is not always about a mystery. If it is combined with beautiful designs, black can bring elegance, just like these black bedding ideas that will make your bedroom look more elegant.

Faux-Wolf-Fur Black Wedding

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Prepare yourself for the winter as the cool breeze is approaching. You might want to bring in your winter items like scarves, gloves, sweaters, and anything that can make your body warmer, including your comfortable bedding.

This black bedding is what you need for your winter. It is made of high-quality faux fur that provides warmth and comfort. It is extremely soft, so you can wrap your body and snuggle up on the couch near the fireplace or in your patio.

The black fur with a few tints of white makes the blanket look like a wolf. It is not scary, though. In fact, it looks bold and luxurious, which will add style to your bedroom.

Floral Black Bedding

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This black bedding is simple, but it will definitely spruce up your bedroom. The smooth black comforter does not feature embossed or pinch-pleated patterns. It only features oversized floral prints in red and white.

The floral patterns are only found on one side of the comforter and pillowcases rather than covering all the surface of the comforter, which makes this bedding, look elegant in simplicity.

Due to the simple design, this bedding would be suitable for a contemporary bedroom. It does not mean that it will not look good in a Victorian or vintage bedroom, though.

Gold in Black



Nothing can beat the elegance of gold. When it is combined with black, the elegance will level up, just like what you can see from this bedding.

The sophisticated golden pattern that form like an oversized golden flower lies on the black comforter. Other smaller patterns are found on the right and left sides of the comforter, creating an epic frame for the huge floral print.

The golden patterns are not only found on the comforter, but also the pillowcases. Now, you can experience a luxurious sleep like a king with this black bedding.

Black Bedding with Embossed Pattern



This bedding comes in all-black design which enhances the elegance and boldness of your bedroom. The embossed patterns are fastidiously designed to give you a unique experience when touching the bedding.

Although it is all-black bedding, you do not need to worry about comfort. Made of 100% brushed microfiber, this bedding is eminently soft. Even the bedspread is resistant to stain, wrinkle, and fade.

If you are prone to be allergic to a certain material, do not worry! This bedding will not trigger the stuffy nose. Besides, it can also block unwanted moisture.

Simple Black Bedding



Take your sleep to the next level by investing in this black bedding. Another simple design that has proven that less is more.

This black bedding does not feature any other colors, making it look bold. The comforter is only stitched to create square patterns. It also features stripped patterns that add a little bit of nuance to the bedding.

The designer of this bedding understands that every minute is priceless for you. Therefore, this bedding is designed to be resistant to wrinkle, stain, fade, and shrink, so you do not need to spend much time to take care of it.

Pinch-Pleated Black Bedding

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This is another option for those who love a simple look. It is all-black bedding that will infuse boldness and elegance into your bedroom.

The soft and breathable bedspread is covered with a luxurious black comforter that is made of high-quality microfiber for your ultimate comfort. To enrich the look of the bedding, the comforter and pillowcases feature pinch-pleated patterns.

Indian Style Black Bedding

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Who says that Indian style entails a vast array of colors and patterns? If you are a big fan of Indian style, but you do not want to go overboard with the colors and patterns either, this bedding is for you.

This black bedding is nothing but a simple charm. It only has an oversized floral pattern in the middle of the duvet cover with lots of details and a few tiny elephants in it.

The patterns make this bed look good not only for Indian style but also Boho theme.

Black Bedding with White Roses



This beautiful black bedding features a few large-rose prints on the duvet cover and pillowcases. The roses come in white with some shadowing effects that give a dramatic look to the bedding.

Another good thing about this bedding is it is reversible. You can get a white duvet cover with black roses on the other side if you flip it.

Fancy Silky Bedding



Silk is always smooth and sexy. It is even sexier when it comes in black. Therefore, bring the romantic and sexy ambiance into your bedroom with this black silky bedding. The duvet comforter that drapes onto the floor accentuates the sexy look immensely.

Black bedding ideas will not make your bedroom look mysterious and creepy. In fact, it can make it look more elegant, and thus, you should try one of them.


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