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Orange is the combination of red and yellow, and thus it conveys enthusiasm, warmth, and excitement. Bring the excitement to your bedroom by investing in these orange bedding ideas.

Orange Bedding with Twig Pattern

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This orange bedding will fit in with your modern bedroom well. It is simple without any bed skirting or any other sophisticated accent.

To alleviate the overpowering effect provided by the orange color, this bedding also features silver color that you can find in the bed sheet and pillowcases. Besides, the silver color brings the futuristic look to your bedroom.

To jazz the bedding up, twig pattern is printed in orange and silver colors. Besides being appealing, this bedding is also comfortable due to the cotton material.

Embroidery Orange Bedding

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Give the touch of luxury to your bedroom with this orange bedding. The wavy edges of the comforter drape to the floor, making it look extravagant. The pillowcases also feature wavy edges that match the comforter well.

Embroidery patterns add a textural element on the top of the comforter and pillowcases, matching the headboard immensely. Made of polyester, this bedding is quite durable, resistant to stain, and ─ of course ─ comfortable.

Elegant Orange Bedding

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If you want your bedroom look lavish and elegant, this bedding has to be in your list. The combination of orange and gold duvet that covers the bed shows you what an elegant ambiance is all about.

Gold and orange elements are also found in the pillowcases. Sophisticated patterns fill every inch of the duvet and pillowcases, which get rid of the stark look.

To get a perfect sleep, the bedding design is not the most important thing. The materials are indispensable. Therefore, this bedding is designed for you as it is made of ultra-soft microfiber that ensures the long-lasting comfort and style.

Striped Orange Bedding

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If you prefer simple to the elegant look, you are going to love this orange bedding. Although it does not feature embroidery texture, oversized pattern, or any other fancy detail, this bedding looks perfect just the way it is.

The striped patterns in zigzag shape add nuance to the bedding, making it look more attractive without being overpowering.

This simple bedding is very suitable for a contemporary or modern farmhouse bedroom. However, it would not look great if you used it in a Victorian bedroom which is overwhelmed with fancy decorative items.

Patchwork Orange Bedding

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If you are really into Indian style, this bedding is what you need to bring the eclectic of Indian style into your bedroom. It comprises a few shades of orange and some other colors, which enrich the look of the bedding.

Patchwork patterns with nature-symbol prints lie in the middle of the comforter and pillowcases. The patterns are framed with gold and cinnamon colors.

Indian style is well-known for its luxurious design. Therefore, cotton silk is chosen as the material of this bedding to make you experience a luxurious sleep.

Asian Style Bedding

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When looking at this bedding, your memory will be immediately driven to Kung Fu Panda – a cartoon that introduces you to the Asian style.

This bedding is quite simple because it does not have any sophisticated details like embroidery edges or lace trims. All you can find just bamboo prints that lie beautifully on the soft comforter. The prints can also be found on the pillowcases.

This bedding would look great in your modern bedroom due to the simple design. Well, less is more, right?

Orange Velvet Bedding

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This orange bedding is super simple because it is plain and does not feature any patterns. However, it can incorporate an elegant look to your bedroom due to the velvet material, which is soft and a little bit furry.

This velvet bedding would be suitable for a modern bedroom that features bold colors. If you love the eclectic style, do not forget to incorporate this bedding into your bedroom décor.

Indian Style Bedding

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Experience sleep like a king with this luxurious Indian bedding. The bedding complements the luxurious headboard and chandeliers immensely with the oversized flower patterns that lie on the duvet and pillowcases.

This bedding also features another pattern on the other side, which is simpler and would be suitable for a contemporary bedroom. You can use the other side with the striped pattern on it, though, especially if you do not want to go overboard.

Pops of Colors for Modern Bedroom

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Do you want to pair orange bedding with other vivacious colors like turquoise and green? Why not? Combining a few different color schemes at once is on trend now. By doing this, you will make the bedroom look bolder.

This bedding, for example, features vibrant orange, green, and turquoise that look good together. The two-sided duvet allows you to bring a new look to your bedroom in a jiffy.

Now, you know that adding some pops of colors to your bedroom is not a bad idea. And orange bedding can be a great option if you want to add a splash of excitement.


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