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Purple is usually associated with luxury. Whether your bedroom embraces modern or vintage style, these purple bedding ideas will bring a little bit touch of luxury into it, so you do not have to do major bedroom makeover project.

Reversible Black and Purple Bedding

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Embracing elegance does not entail ruffled textures with lace or any other sophisticated patterns that can be overwhelming somehow. This bedding has proven that simplicity can make your bedroom look more luxurious.

This purple bedding features rectangular patterns that made of woven Jacquard fabric to express varied brightness effects. The clean-line edges of the comforter and patterns make it a perfect choice for a modern bedroom.

Another wonderful thing about this bedding is it is reversible. You can just flip the comforter to turn it into black. It is such a brilliant way to give a new look to your bedroom in no time.

Ruffled Purple Bedding for Girls

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Your little girl is turning into a big girl now. And for a big girl, something chic but not too extravagant is needed to decorate her bedroom. Therefore, this purple bedding would be a perfect choice.

This bedding features three different shades of purple that are arranged to create a dramatic transition. The flowing ruffles will add comfort as well as style to her bedroom instantly.

This bedding not only features flowing ruffles but also white simple design on the other side of the comforter, so you can just flip it to get a simpler look.

Oriental Purple Bedding

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The combination of white, gray, and purple blended nicely in this bedding. Oversized floral patterns in white and purple decorate the gray coverlet. An oversized floral pattern is also found on the pillowcase.

Besides the floral patterns, this bedding is also designed meticulously to add a textural element to your bed. If you want to go with a simpler look, try flipping the coverlet as you will find a plain gray coverlet that ensures your comfort.

Reversible Gray and Purple Bedding

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If you are looking for something that can make your bedroom look more luxurious without being exaggerating, this bedding is what you are looking for.

This bedding is made of soft microfiber that provides warmth and softness when you touch it. The comforter is stitched to create geometrical diamond patterns.

Good news is it is reversible. You will get charcoal comforter on the other side that will accentuate the boldness of your bedroom. Since it is quite simple yet elegant, this bedding would be suitable for a modern bedroom.

Beautiful Purple Roses



Roses are the symbol of love. No wonder you can find many roses on Valentine’s Day. But in this bedroom, the roses not only express affection, but also luxury.

Oversized purple flowers are printed on the black comforter and pillowcases, creating a perfect contrast that accentuates the flowers. The 3D design makes the roses look so real.

The duvet cover is made of lightweight microfiber that allows you to have a perfect sleep. This is a great choice if you want to create a romantic ambiance in your bedroom.

Faux-Fur Purple Bedding

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Winter is coming, and it is getting chilly now. Spending time in bed, snug and warm would be nice. And this bedding will make you ready for the cold snap.

This bedding features faux fur duvet that provides warmth when the breeze is coming. Besides, the fur is eminently soft, so you can feel comfortable in bed. You can also take the duvet and curl up in it while lounging on the sofa.

If you feel bored with the purple color, the reversible duvet enables you to get another color in a jiffy.

A Piece of Art

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Adding a piece of artwork in your bedroom to jazz it up is always a great idea. I am not talking about wall art that creates a focal point, though. If you want to add a piece of artwork in your bedroom, this bedding will get it covered.

This bedding features unique print that looks like an abstract painting in a blue and purple palette. You do not need to worry about the fading colors as the modern digital printing methods ensure the colors to last longer.

Purple Bedding for Cribs

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Your baby girl’s bedroom needs to be refurbished. You do not need to do major bedroom makeover project, though. You only need to invest in this beautiful purple bedding for your baby girl’s crib.

The purple floral patterns and turquoise fish-scale patterns enrich the look of the bedding perfectly. More importantly, the bedding is made of 100% cotton to ensure the ultimate comfort for your baby.

Silky Satin Bedding



Nothing can beat the luxury of silk. For this reason, this bedding is a must-have item for your bedroom if you want to emphasize the luxurious look of your bedroom.

This bedding will make you experience a luxurious sleep, thanks to the silk fabrics that are combined with the environmentally dying process, and thus it is not harmful to your health.

Those are the purple bedding ideas that can add luxury to your bedroom. But you still need to consider the materials to get a perfect sleep.


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