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Choosing the right bedding may be a hard thing to do. Some of you probably avoid the color black for decorating bedroom. In fact, black is actually embracing the good energy for your room. Black color is powerful and sophisticated. Therefore, we have compiled 11 black bedding ideas to complete your bedroom decoration and to get the most stylish bedroom ever.

1. Black Bedding in Industrial Styled Bedroom


This black bedding works perfectly in a bedroom with a brick wall. Together with the black headboard and blue fluffy pillows, this bedding fits beautifully with all decoration items in this bedroom. Attaching industrial style reading lamps to this bedroom wall and use this black comforter makes this bedroom looks so modern and sumptuous.

2. Black Gold Jacquard Floral Comforter


If you are about to create a bedroom which looks like a five-star hotel bedroom, it’s better for you to use this black bedding. This comforter contains one comforter, two shams, bolster, and also bed skirt. These items are so elegant, as it is proven on the gold floral patterns that printed beautifully on this bedding.

3. Elegant Black Comforter


Do you want to get a romantic bedroom for you and your sweetheart? This bedding can be a perfect choice for you. All these items such as comforter, bolster, pillows, duvet, headboard, and even the lamp are colored in black. They can create a romantic ambiance, elegance, and yet a glam look. This bedding is also best item for you to improve your sleep.

4. Black Featuring Red


Black is the best color that can be combined with any other colors. Black color on your bedding can create instant elegance and calm look. While red is a good choice when you want to stir up excitement, particularly at night.

Combining these two colors on your bedding can be a perfect option. Both of black and red benefits will make your bedding appearance looks better. In this bedding, black is the subtle point. It is brightened by the bold red on the duvet and pillows. Additionally, the black accent on the red area looks so artsy and interesting.

5. Elegant Bed Sets


Creating prestigious bedroom is no longer difficult when you use black bedding. Black is not always gloomy or dark. In fact, using black comforter will help you improve your sleep and keep the cleanliness of your bedroom. If you still want to put something brighter, put yellow sunny flowers on the bedside table will be better as well as on this illustration.

6. Shining Black


Black color is associated with power, strength, and elegance. It also defines this black bedding. This shining black comforter helps you to create an inconspicuous feeling, boosting confidence, and make you feel at ease. Additionally, this black bedding can make your bedroom to shrink in size.

7. Luxury Embossed Oversized Black Bedding


If you want to make your bedroom looks elegant, you can use this black bedding. This bedding features embossed floral patterns with color black on the main side, while the other side of this bedding is having black color totally. The pillows also feature the same embossed floral pattern. This beautiful patterns seen enliven this black and grey bedroom.

8. Pleasurable Bedding


Even though black is well-known as mysterious color, but it is good to embrace the good energy in feng shui. If you want to get that good energy, it is better for you to use this black bedding. Although it is a dark color, it will not give dark ambiance to your bedroom. To brighten the room, you can combine it with white headboard, curtains, and even the lamp.

9. Black Comforter with Gold Stripes


Black is actually a base color which is able to receive any other colors. Combining black and gold will be a perfect mix ever. It will lead to maximum elegance and nice look. For example, on this design, the black bedding is combined with the rarely gold stripes that give it a sumptuous look.

Besides, this bedding has drawstring design that makes it so cute and unusual. This bedding is suitable for you who want to get a romantic ambiance on your bedroom. Additionally, this comforter is supported by the unfinished dark brown wall that makes the bedroom even more look amazing.

10. Luxury Style Bedroom with Reactive 3D Comforter and Flower Black Bedding


As we can see on this lovely bedding photograph shown above, this luxury style black bedding is one of the most loveable item on this amazing bedroom. This bedding has a large printed flower picture that makes it so beautiful. It can support this special bedroom by the features including black bedding set, flower patter pillow, king bed frame size, and so on.

This lovely bedroom is obviously telling us that this sumptuous bedroom that is one of users’ most loved bedroom design inspiration. The pink flower curtain, elegant table lamp, and wooden bookshelves make this bedroom looks even greater. Those items also fit perfectly to the flower pattern bedding and pillow.

11. Black Featuring Red and White


If you do not want to get a dark ambiance by using black bedding, you can combine black colored sheet with the other color such as the photograph above. Red and white color can make your black comforter looks brighter. As we can see on the illustration, the black, red, and white combination works well on this bedding.

Besides, this bedding fits perfectly with the black wooden headboard, the red lamp on the elegant black bedside table, and also the cute curtains. Those items bring the harmony that leads us to see a beautiful and awesome bedroom ever.

That’s all about 11 black bedding ideas to get most stylish bedroom ever. You can use one of them to be applied on your personal room to get stylish and elegant room. Not only can make your bedroom even more stylish, black comforter also can bring solid and calm energy. Using bedding in black color can lead you to calm, elegant, and stunning look. Doesn’t it sound good?


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