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12 Purple Color Bedroom Ideas that You’ll Find So Relaxing

Using purple to your bedroom will help you connect to a higher plane. Purple also encourages a fresh perspective on emotional matters. Not only that, purple is also associated with luxury and creativity. As blue does, using purple as the color for bedroom can relax your mind. Here are 12 purple color bedrooms you’ll find […]

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10 Yellow Color Bedroom Designs You’ll Fall in Love With

Yellow Color bedroom actually is the second best color for sleep. The stimulation of the sunny hue to the nervous system can encourage relaxation. Additionally, the cheery shade can create instant coziness. There are 10 yellow color bedroom designs you will fall in love with. Check the details out. 1. Bright Yellow Bedroom Using sunny shade […]

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13 Orange Color Bedroom Designs that’ll Make Your Breath Away

Do you know? Orange color bedroom is the best choice for you who want to sleep in a bedroom which filled with ecstatic ambiance. Choosing orange color bedroom will make your room looks so modern, has a fun appearance, and has a perky and upbeat feeling in the room. These are 13 orange color bedroom designs that’ll […]

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