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First thing first, cottage bedroom style is closely associated with nature. Therefore, most of the preferred bedroom designs use wood as the basis of the room; this includes walls, the bed frame, and furniture. Then again, most of the things in the bedroom are mostly made of wood.

If you are looking for some tranquility and enjoyment of the cottage atmosphere but at the same time not wanting to go too far away, a cottage style bedroom may just be the only thing needed. You don’t have to go out of town or rent an actual cottage, just transform your bedroom.

Coastal Cottage Bedroom


Much like how cottage can be anywhere, often somewhere quiet, since their purpose is to help you relax; this coastal bedroom style can make you feel as if living at one near the beach. To exert this atmosphere, your bedroom, of course, has to look the part.

Blue and white are the preferable colors to set the coastal theme. Blue represents the beach and the sea while the white represents the clear sky. To maximize the theme, even the pillows and bed sheet will look astonishingly nice and serene with the same colors.

Also, make sure your window has enough gap or width for the sunlight to come in. It’s healthy for you. Not to mention every time waking up in the morning, you will be refreshed, as if you’re the first to get to feel the effects of it and watch the sunrise, like at the coastline.

Spring-Themed Cottage Bedroom


Other than a cottage of the specific location, you can also organize your bedroom in accordance with seasonal themes, like this one. This bedroom style is organized based on spring. And when the current season of the year really is spring, this bedroom will stand out even more.

You may use white, pink, or cream as the basic color. You may also use blue, although it only works and looks better with another color. And when you are assembling a spring-themed bedroom, don’t forget to add some flower-themed furniture and decorations.

Mint Green Cottage Bedroom


This one bedroom style will make you feel closer to nature and healthier. There is a reason why green is associated with serenity and health. The green paint on the wall, accompanied with fresh white coat will help you refresh after a long day.

Flower-Themed Cottage Bedroom


Flowers are probably associated with spring the most, but this particular bedroom style goes well with any season. This makes your bedroom looks chic and basically can be fitting for everyone. Not to mention, it’s humble and modest.

Country Cottage Bedroom


It’s not such a cottage bedroom without a hint of countryside on it. Basically, a cottage style bedroom is similar to the country style in every way. But, this particular design makes a cottage bedroom looks quaint, being a mix of countryside life with some modern style.

Winter Cottage


This bedroom design consists of a fresh white coat as the embodiment of winter festivities, but even so, it is not as cold as it looks. This style is designed so that you can survive the winter atmosphere, offering warmth with thick blankets and rug. So you can still enjoy winter while staying warm.

The light fixture above the headboard will keep you company in a dark and chilly wintry night. It’s not just for the companion in the dark, but there is also something heartwarming about the presence of these lights in your bedroom.



This is some of the most humble bedroom styles of all cottage concepts due to minimum layouts. With such a small room and not many objects placed here, this bedroom is mostly suitable for guests, whenever you have a company or relative stopping by and spending a night there.

Even so, this bedroom design is still particularly comfy, more so than how it looks. Even if you are the one who sleeps here, you probably will want to make this bedroom as your permanent sleeping zone.

Mountain Cabin Bedroom


This one bedroom is unique because it is some of the styles that you normally find only in mountains or wilderness. Therefore, this bedroom is perfect for those who wish to have a staycation at home while feeling as if they are in the wild, also thanks to wood wall panels and decorations.

While the cottage bedroom style is probably small, humble, and modest, it is still some of the most comfortable design. Even with its simplicity, it comes up in different layouts, so no need to worry about how to organize your bedroom into one.

With any one of these bedrooms, you will not need to worry about where to go on vacations; your cottage bedroom style is already a good place to enjoy some time relaxing.


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