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Designing a bedroom for you and your partner with the romantic theme is not a difficult thing to do. You only need to organize and change a few little things. One thing you need to know is the bedroom plays a very important role in the continuity of your relationship with your couple.

Especially for newlyweds, a bedroom is more than just a resting place to sleep and rest. More than that, the bedroom is also a place to establish and maintain a lovely relationship. If you want to create such a romantic bedroom style, you might want to do these following things.

Pick the Right Color


Applying the right color on your bedroom interior will give you a marvelous effect on boosting the mood, comfort, and warm feeling while dwelling inside the room. Most of the professional designer suggests a soft tone for the bedroom. Such an earthy tone like brown and crème are surprisingly fit to one another.

Just like shown in the picture, the khaki tones are dominating the whole room. Starting from the bedding, pillow, up to curtains, all are is such harmonious colors. The stripes rug also goes well with the wooden floor and the wooden panel behind the bed headboard.

Antique Chandelier


Not just unique, a chandelier can bring a romantic vibe up to your room. The best thing is, you do not always have to use a crystal chandelier. Just like in the picture above, you can use a simple yet vintage chandelier.

White and gray color is dominating the room. While brown patterned pillows give a punch of warm color to the whole style that fits nicely with the vintage cabinet in front of your bed along with the side table and wooden floors.

Maximize Your Storage


Newlyweds usually have a lot of things to bring together to their house, especially to the bedroom. Your bedroom might become crowded because both of your things were not yet being well-organized.

For that condition, you can opt for an under the bed storage. You can buy a bed that equipped with a drawer under the bed. Another option is to complement your room with a bedside table and a small cabinet.

Romantic Scent


A human perceives lots of thing by using their nose to smell. Researchers claim that smell can affect a person mood. It is necessary to pay attention to the scent of your bedroom. Use aromatherapy candles to create any scent you wish.

Aromatherapy candles can boost both you and your couple moods by choosing the right scent. The mostly known scent that can give romantic moods is Lavender. If you are not fond of Lavender you can choose Jasmine, Roses or any of your favorite scent.

Mood-Boosting Lighting


Lighting in the bedroom can affect your moods. Even more, it can also bring a warm feeling and comfort while snuggling in the bed with your loved ones. To create a romantic bedroom, we can use a dimly lit lamp.

Either using table lamps or hanging lamps, even candles, will be a good choice for creating romantic nuance. In addition, you might want to try aromatic candles that can spread your favorite scents to the room.

Choosing the Right Color


Purple color usually, known for its feminine vibes. But, it’s not always like that. You can opt for this color for bringing a fresh and elegant nuance to your bedroom. Complement the looks with hanging lamps and paintings on your bed headboard.

To avoid being too feminine, you can put some ornaments in a darker tone such as paintings or other decorations. You can also use white color instead of purple for your curtains.

The City View


Who said a modern and minimalist room can’t become your romantic sanctuary? This picture proves it can. This idea might fit well for couples who loved music as well as good and wide scenery. As you can see, using a large window, you can see almost everything around. Just remember to put thick and long curtains to keep your privacy.

To complement the modern yet romantic look, you can put the audio set inside the room and enjoy a slow music with your couple. Don’t hesitate to add more colors to this all-white-bedroom. A dark-tone rug, for example, has added some masculine touch into the room.

Flower Decoration


The last touch we need to pay attention is to add ornaments. You can add a flower in the corner of the bedroom to give a romantic feel. You can also display your wedding photo or a simple painting on the bedroom wall.

A pink orchid, jasmine, and roses can be used to decorate your bedside table. Basically, you can use most of the flower arrangement for adding a romantic nuance into the room.

By applying these tricks, you will get a stunning yet cozy bedroom. It’s quite easy, right? And lastly, the most important thing is to make sure that your bedroom has the calming nuance to help you rest and regain your energy after a long day.


By Hafeezah Husna

A freelance writer with a love of all things decor. Enjoys everything associated with home interior design. Love to sleep! :D

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