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Grey is a cool, balanced, and neutral color. In order to decorate a bedroom in grey, one of the first things you need to know is what tone best suited type is of the furniture you have, especially the bedding item. Bedding plays main role of the bedroom decoration as well as it is a subtle point on the bedroom. Here are 13 grey bedding ideas to create timeless and awe bedroom look.

1. Gorgeous Grey Bed Sheet


Grey is the color that is compatible to almost any living space, including bedding. It is only natural that its power will work beautifully in a bedroom. The grey bedding here completes the monochromatic bedroom, together with the bedside fixtures, distressed wood, and seven art forms on the bedroom wall.

2. Grey Featuring White


This grey bedding idea is one of the design ideas which you can use to reference your decoration. This bedding is reversible and consisting of the grey area on the main side, white colored area on the other side. It can help you to get timeless and elegant look on your bedroom.

3. Grey Bed Sheet on Modern Industrial Bedroom


This modern industrial style bedroom is exemplified in upper concrete wailing and simple grey bedding. In addition, a wooden floor brings warmth, as a glass walk in wardrobe mirrors more grey. This bedroom look is also supported by the dark grey curtains and soft grey painted walls there.

4. Grey Featuring Drop Lighting


Creating a timeless bedroom is really easy by using grey color scheme on your decoration items such as grey bedding and other features. The grey wall is powerful, but not overpowering. Besides, a geometric headboard acts as the focal point, while grey bedding comforts white drop lighting beautifully. It also comforts patterned wooden floors and two beige-chairs.

5. Invigorate Grey Bed Sheet


Using grey as your comforter is not always defining gloomy ambiance. It can also bring invigorate feeling to your bedroom. As it is illustrated on this photograph, the bedding features soft grey with stripes pattern. It can cover your bed beautifully, and make your bedroom a timeless look instantly.

6. Dark Grey Bedding


Choosing the right color for your bedding may be a hard thing to be done. Make sure you choose the shades that will catch the people’s attention. For example, you can choose this dark grey color for your bedding. This grey bedding ties together with the white painted walls and two pictures hung above the headboard.

7. Extraordinary Grey Bed Sheet


When it comes to grey color on decoration items, you may think grey is gloomy and indecisive. But, do you know? Grey is a color that is emotionless and strong at the same time. As it has illustrated on this photograph, grey works a main role in creating elegant and calm room. There is a grey bedding which features beautiful decorative pillows and thick sparkling duvet.

8. Kennewick Bedding in Grey


Grey makes the room seems even larger and spacious, even though there are many furniture on this bedroom. The grey bedding on this design has embossed texture and it is the uniqueness side of it. Besides, the bedding works properly with the wooden headboard and wooden bed side tables in this rustic styled bedroom.

The grey lamps on the right and left side of the bed makes the bedroom looks even more sophisticated. The fresh plant on the pot stands beautifully in the corner of the room, make the room looks fresher, yet draw more rustic ambiance.

9. Plain and Calm Grey Bed Sheet


Do you want to brighten your black bedroom? Using grey bedding can be a perfect choice for you. It will a little bit enliven your black or dark room, without fading the dark side or make it excessive. This plain grey bed sheet will works properly on your bedroom which features black painted walls, or even monochromatic theme.

10. 60’s Style Bedroom


As we have mentioned before, grey is a perfect color to make a timeless look on your bedroom. If you want to create 60’s style bedroom which is light and bright, it will be more affordable by the help of grey.

Use white chiffon curtains, feature wall, a textured wall decoration actually create spaces. Do not forget to give a touch of grey bedding will denote the centre. As we can see on this lovely photograph, this bedroom looks so timeless, classic and glamorous.

11. Play Contrast with Black and White


Grey leads to softness, in contrast to black and white. This design is using multi-monochromatic space that offers grey relied in a soft rug, bed sheet, duvet, and also glass wall panel, while black, white, and wood frame the rest. This bedroom shows the simplicity, resulted from the combination of grey, black, and white colors.

12. Grey Featuring Yellow


If you are planning to add sunshine hue to your grey bedroom, it is better for you to add yellow sophistication in this bold bedroom. You do not need to be worry if this mix will get worse, because in fact grey’s cool allows it when it comes to frame the central feature, grey bedding, grey chairs, and an ottoman play with the charcoal and white on a wooden floor.

13. Add Pink Palette


If you think grey cannot be used to create a romantic bedroom, please think again about it. Even though grey is well known as emotionless color, it still can be used to decorate a couple’s bedroom.

Pink is popular as romantic and cute color. Combining pink and grey offers the feminine in this bedroom. In addition, grey stripes the walls and bedding, whereas pink bring detail, a black rug grounding properly.

That’s all about 13 grey bedding ideas that we have compiled. You can use one of them to create a timeless and awe look on your bedroom. Additionally, you can spend your time to work on your bedroom at ease. So, which one of those grey bedding ideas above that is most your favorite idea?


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