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Bedroom is a place in which you deserve to get comfort rest and relaxed. People who sleep in blue bedrooms get more sleep than other color. One bedroom item that you consider about is bedding. We have compiled ideas about blue bedding that are insightful and inspiring to be applied to your bedroom. Here are 12 ideas about blue bedding to create your coziest room.

1. Blue Spectrum


This blue bedding enlivens the bedroom, while this eclectic bedroom ties together shades of blue across the cool color scheme spectrum, from bright to turquoise to navy. It is also supported by warm tone accessories, such as Turkish rug, bench basket, and chocolate brown bedside table. In addition, light blue walls on this bedroom give a clean finish.

2. Blue Bedstead


To create a blue bedroom, you don’t need to use all blue everything. You can use blue bedstead and blue bedding to bring calm ambiance of blue color on your bedroom. As we can see, this bedroom decor comes into the space with a royal blue iron headboard and beige, and also blue bed accents. These simple accents bring in the calming color without getting overboard.

3. A Light Touch


Add style to your bedroom with the subtle unique patterns on the bedding. Here, on this picture, the mod floral on the bed frame enlivens the room’s soft neutrals ambiance. On the moderation, the simple design combines with the muted colors for enhancing the space overall. You can add pillows in three colors such as yellow, patterned pillow, and blue pillow on this blue bedding.

4. Frame It


A kick of contrasting hue can be enlivened by a subtle color palette. This blue bedding ties together with the red painted bed frame in this bedroom. Even though the red painted bed frame stands out against the softer blue tones of the bedding, walls, and draperies, but it can create good look on this bedroom.

Besides, the bold color can give the vintage bed an updated vibe. Framed postcards hung above the bed’s headboard are an easy way to put art element to the bedroom walls, which feature light blue paint.

5. Navy Blue and Grey Comforter


Combining blue color and grey can create luxurious yet soothing metallic tones, and bring an unexpected side effect. Besides, using this color scheme combination on your bedding can make you more motivated to exercise on your bedroom. Not only on the bedding, the navy blue and grey also ties together on the pillows and the duvet.

6. The Classic Bedding


Combining classic colors such as blue and white can bring warm comfort to any bedroom. On the bedding, an artsy duvet is added to the blue and creamy bedding. It also brings nice appearance. The blue patterned duvet enlivens the creamy and blue bedding. The combination of the blue and cream color also comes to the fluffy pillows there.

Let’s have a look to the other decor on this bedroom. The bed skirt and blue paisley curtains contrast nicely with the creamy comforter. Besides, the striped cotton rugs bring a casual cottage feel to the room. In addition, the planked ceiling dons light blue paint reminiscent of the sky. This is another color option that plays out overhead.

7. Light Blue Bedding Room


You can create coziness and calmness at the same time instantly using this blue bedding. The blue comforter, blue duvet, and also blue pillows can enliven easily the bedroom. This bedding is recommended to be used on the plain painted bedroom, such as this bedroom. You can bring brightness and elegance on this bedroom without any excessive decoration item.

8. Royal Blue Queen Comforter Set


Make your own bedroom looks like five-star hotel by using this blue bedding.  The unique patterns printed on the comforter, duvet, and also on the pillows. This bedding brings more coziness and elegance without any excessive decoration item. Besides, this bedding fits perfectly with the grey headboard and enlightens plain color bedroom walls.

9. Navy Blue Comforter Set


Navy blue is always being a perfect choice to create a blue bedroom. This bedding is aiming at creating a cozy and elegant bedroom in simple way. The blue bedding enlivens the grey walls and the grey headboard. The framed pictures hung above the headboard add artsy elements on this bedroom, and make the walls look greater.

10. Set Aqua Notes Queen Comforter


If you have aqua bedding, you probably catch a lot of shut eye and you are a cheerier person with it. By using this blue bedding, you can get more sleep and feel at ease. Besides, the flowers patterns on this bedding add artistic ambiance instantly on this bedroom. This blue comforter works nicely to enliven the creamy walls and curtains.

11. Dark Blue Bedding Sets


Combining classic colors such as white and blue can create amazing look as well as it works on this bedding. The navy blue comforter ties together with the white duvet and the fluffy pillows there. They can add brightness on this grey bedroom, and make it livelier. The other decoration items such as the pictures and the lamps also work properly on this bedroom.

12. A Peaceful Place


If you are planning to use blue bedding in your bedroom, but want a little variety, you can try teal. The rich tone has a green beat, and giving basic blue an eye catching variation. In this bedroom, the bedding looks great because the nice combination of the creamy and the blue bedding.

In addition, a soothing palette of soft teals, blue grays, and browns brings serenity feeling. You can add a focal point such as a mirror, and put it above the bed to attract the eye. The warm brown walls tie with the cooler blue tones to make an inviting personal retreat.

That’s all about 12 blue bedding ideas that can make your bedroom cozier and more relaxing. Using blue bedding can help you to lower your heart rate and also reduce blood pressure. In addition, you can regularly wake up feeling happy when you use blue bed sheets. Which one of ideas above that you will use on your bedroom?


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