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French bedroom style is vintage, classy, and elegant at the same time. It exerts certain luxurious privilege that gives off an impression that can be only experienced by certain people. However, a bedroom is a bedroom, and even everyone—including you—deserves this style.

If you are looking for an intricate, beautiful, and majestic bedroom design, then you will certainly love French style bedrooms. In addition to providing you with comfort, this bedroom design has a unique something that can surely make you feel regal and important. Not to mention, lovely.

While it’s classy, French bedroom style comes up with various designs that may give you different feel of comfort, luxury, and of course, love. The only limitation in these designs and layouts is your imagination.

If you want to make a French style bedroom, there are many things that you have to take into consideration and prepare.

Pattern Walled Bedroom


No French bedroom is complete without a small touch of refined, beautiful wallpaper with intricate design. This can be any pattern as you wish, but preferably, you may want to pick something vintage, elegant, and classy. This wallpaper alone will make your bedroom stand out and feel different.

Traditionally, France main wallpaper motif is flower. If you’re feeling like going all out French, you can use flower themed wallpaper. While giving off a luxurious, unique, yet sophisticated atmosphere, this kind of wallpaper will help you get comfortable even more.

Antique, Ornate Bedroom


If you want to make your bedroom into a more French style, the bed should also be taken into consideration. When you choose a bed, choose one that looks unique and classy. Occasionally, you may want to look for floral motif on the headboard.

Essentially, antique bed emphasizes the romantic aspect of your bedroom, which is what France is mostly known for. There, unlike most bedroom design, not just any bed can be used for this design.

Country French


This French style bedroom is more designed to relax, and therefore it is made in a simple, yet refined and comfortable layout. Nevertheless, it is still quite beautiful for a bedroom.

Elegant Quaint French


With portraits decorating this bedroom wall, this one style makes for a quaint, antique bedroom, as if it comes from a long time ago. The flowers decorating the room do not hurt either; it exerts a very fresh and atmosphere for the bedroom. Make sure to take good care of the flowers, though.

Royal Canopy


Besides the gold coated furniture, the bed canopy is the main attraction of this bedroom style. This particular bedroom emphasizes more on the beauty and luxury, which can make you feel as if you are a part of French royalty, or every little bit, makes you feel like you are at a castle.

To arrange your bedroom into this one, make sure you have plenty of space to place the bed with canopy. While the bed itself is probably too large for one person alone, it is suitable if you have other people around. Besides the loved one, this room also fits for a slumber party.

Vintage Furnished


This bedroom style usually consists of equally antique and class looking furniture, but mostly is the same as other furniture designs, except that they are more elaborate looking. The ones that are most commonly seen are drawers, cabinets, and bedside tables.

The sight of any one of these elegant furniture in the room can make any bedroom look different and gorgeous as if they are bedrooms made for royalty.

While most French bedroom is designed to be as stylish, beautiful, and elegant as possible, not all of them have to look and feel like royalty.

Rustic French


This bedroom is notably antique because of the wooden beams, planks, and walls that decorate the room. This one is perfect for those who want to feel an essence of history since this model is based on the bedroom models of 17th century.

Barn Room


While this room may look like a small barn, but it is given a touch of antique French to it. It is quaint, small, and very modest, but still offers the same amount of comfort just like any other, larger French bedroom style.

Modern Bedroom


While it looks more contemporary, it still has its class. This type of bedroom design is something that can be appropriately said as a combination of old and new. It retains the glamor and luxury of the old, historic French bedroom without removing the sophistication of the present day.

French bedroom style can be considered as a work of art when it comes to interior design since while it provides comfort, it also promotes beauty. Granted, organizing this bedroom will require hard work, but the results will definitely be worth it.


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