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The retro style works for those who just want to get the feel of it for the sake of nostalgia. Making a retro bedroom style, with a colorful paint job, furniture, and decorations, this style can surely make your bedroom stand out from most modern bedrooms.

Besides, everyone could appreciate some retro style every now and then. It is a quite popular theme around the 50s until 70s, and it actually never gets old. Brilliantly colorful, it can be a quite effective mood booster and a trigger for creativity even by just standing in the middle of it.

1950 Retro


This bedroom style practically tells how vintage it is. To decorate this bedroom this in such a way, you may need some paint with soft colors, like cream, pink, or light brown. For this one particular design, you don’t really need that many accessories; instead, place the essentials only, like a closet.

For the lighting fixture, some built-in lamps on the wall are pretty recommended. They are better placed on both sides of the bed.

Additionally, you can hang a classical, traditional painting that reflects the feel of the ‘50s, or a sunburst—a decorative iron or rock ornament—on the wall above your bed.

1960 Retro


For this style, you’re going to need to paint the walls with bright colors, like purple, red, or green. Or to make it simpler, just set up wallpaper with similar color and pattern.

In terms of decoration, this particular style will look a lot better with some ‘60s public figure paintings, posters, or photos. Or, if you’d like, you can use some vinyl records as decorations on the wall. They’re quite rare, but you may find them in some antique shops.

Funky Retro


This bedroom style is even bolder and gutsy since the main attraction value of this bedroom is mostly the wallpaper. Funky Retro bedroom style is even more colorful than the ‘60s retro style. This design is most suited to those who live in their own world and have full of ideas.

Since the color is the primary element, any color of your preferences can be used. However, make sure to tone down a little since overly bright colors may make your eyes sore, and you won’t be able to enjoy it.

Vinyl Retro


Vinyl records are probably one of the things that have a retro atmosphere, as they were quite popular in the ‘70s. Other than using them for wall decorations, they can also be used as a unique room divider or a curtain. They sure will give a very retro and unique atmosphere to your bedroom.

Wall Art Room


Besides vinyl records, other wall decorations that can be used is graffiti or a wall painting. It just takes some spray cans and a blank, clean wall. If you do not mind getting your hands dirty and want to express something, especially if a painting is your favorite pastime, this can be your comfort zone.

Retro Pop Art Room


One of the signature works of arts, pop arts, and black and white posters have been long associated with retro theme due to their unique and fascinating art styles. The selections also quite varied, from realistic pictures and paintings to more caricature art style.

Pop arts can really spruce up your retro bedroom with various colors and shapes. These two are the perfect alternative for decorations and must have for any retro bedroom design. If you’re lucky, you may find curtains in the form of pop arts as well.

Retro Studio


While this one looks something like a hotel, this can be applied to your own bedroom as well. Much like any other retro bedrooms, it is colorful and highly energetic. Near the window, there is also a desk if you want ever to study or work. It doesn’t have to be near the window, though.

This one is less of a traditional retro and more of modern retro. It’s colorful and has abstract aspects that it can be passed as retro, with modern furniture and layout to complement it.

Bookish Retro


This retro style bedroom is more catered for those who love reading. With a soft, comfy bed and pillows, and shelves decorating the walls, you will be surprised with new ways of reading that you may come up while in this bedroom.

Retro bedroom style is some of the most flexible and customizable bedroom designs. Everyone has the need to settle with their own world, and how else are you going to express it other than showing how your bedroom looks like?

Besides colors, you may also implement some sort of theme in your retro bedroom style that corresponds with your personality. For example, if you like flowers, and would like to decorate your funky retro bedroom with everything about flowers, that can be done.

It adds quirks to your bedroom. So what do you think? Let’s express you with your retro bedroom style.


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