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One of the most favored sleeping zone designs that specifically tailored for comfort appears to be Scandinavian bedroom style. This particular design is most notably known to exert serene, peaceful atmosphere due to its bright lighting and organized furniture positions.

These bedroom styles utilize white as the main color. It is a very healthy color and gives off a spacious and clean impression, letting you relax at ease and perfect to rest comfortably. This bedroom style commonly emphasizes more on aesthetics and has fewer decorations.

While white is the main color, it often goes well with anything and this particular bedroom style loves to use this color to the maximum.

White gives an impression of a clean and organized place, perfect for when you seek somewhere to relax and loosen up, which is how a bedroom supposed to be.

Small Sized Scandinavian Bedroom


While this bedroom style mostly consists of white—walls, bed sheets, curtains, furniture, etc—you can still have the freedom to organize your room in any way you like, even giving a splash of other colors that fit your preference. Bear in mind that too much color then it’s not Scandinavian anymore.

If you think are planning about combining white with other colors for your Scandinavian style bedroom, neutral colors, such as black and grey combo is more preferred to provide a balanced contrast.

Depending on your needs, your Scandinavian Bedroom style can be large, but occasionally, it’s best to measure it accordingly that suits your needs. For example, a 3×4 meters bedroom size can be customized easily with your preferences, whether you use all the available spaces or not.

White is mostly recommended for the pillow, blanket, and bed sheets. If you want to add more variety, you are free to add it in the form of furniture, but make sure the white is the main color.

Colorful Scandinavian Bedroom


While this bedroom style is predominantly white, some bedrooms may have other colors in order to make it more balanced, between relaxation and comfort with casual and fun. One way to do it is to add intricate patterns on the bed sheets, furniture, and even quirky, colorful decorations.

Rustic Scandinavian Bedroom


The brick wall in this bedroom will give a unique urban and rustic atmosphere and look. The distinct wall combined with the rest of the white contrast of the room would surely make your bedroom look unique compared to other bedrooms.

Wood Paneling Scandinavian Bedroom


This design is one of the most popular Scandinavian bedroom designs. This one utilizes plenty of wood in its making, and as a result, they are the main component in this room, ranging from the furniture, the ceiling, bed, and even the walls. Nevertheless, they are quite sturdy and comfortable.

While Scandinavian bedroom style promotes simplicity with its small number of decorations, there are some things that you can use to make your bedroom feels more homely, rich, and even more beautiful.

Custom Working Design


This bedroom is specifically designed for those who frequently engrossed in books or work, perfect if you often pull up an all-nighter. It’s small, peaceful, and quiet, helping you concentrate. Just make sure to have enough rest, however.

Greenery Scandinavian


If you are looking for an organic touch, you can add a slice of greenery to enrich the beauty of your bedroom. Other than it makes your bedroom beautiful, it keeps you healthy too, and you will always feel refreshed the moment you step into the bedroom.

In Sweden, people keep many plants even in children’s rooms to teach them to love nature, so that they the importance of it and know how to nurture them, be it plants, or animals. It does not have to be entirely covered in plants, but having one or two wouldn’t hurt.

Creative Scandinavian


While you can creatively organize your bedroom in any way you want, this particular Scandinavian bedroom design is particularly suitable for those who enjoy the work of art. If you are an artist who enjoy painting, writing or even composing music, this bedroom is perfect for you.

Geometric Patterned


A Scandinavian bedroom is also well known for geometrical shapes, like triangles, squares, and circles. You can use them as patterns in your sheets, or even physical objects like chairs and pillows. A combination of various shaped objects can really spruce up the personality of your bedroom.

With its minimalist, comfort, and easily customizable nature, it’s no wonder that Scandinavian bedroom style is well-liked by many.

This bedroom design is mostly perfect for those who look for beautiful and comfortable, yet affordable aesthetic. While it can be as large as you wish, this bedroom style is usually not that spacious but is still comfortable.

If you are looking for a beautiful, efficient, less crowded bedroom that is environment-friendly, you can adopt this Scandinavian bedroom style and feel the difference.


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