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Do you know? People who are with no decoration on their bedrooms are the least rested of all, and they get on average a measly five hours and 56 minutes sleep per night. Purple can stimulating and make your sleep better. Here are 11 purple bedding ideas that you can use to make your bedroom cozier.

1. Pale Grape Featuring Radiant Orchid


This soft purple bedding works well with the vibrant hue and the pink accessories. Besides, the white walls and linens make radiant orchid even more than an exclamation point. In addition, the radiant orchid makes a small introduction on this pale and white bedroom. This combination makes this bedroom looks so great.

2. Thistle Featuring Pink, Gold, and Cream


The purple bedding here becomes even more charming when it features some other colors such as pink, gold, and even cream. It is also supported by the purple application as an artistic paint treatment. This design is an easy do it yourself project that was made using two shades of paint and painter’s tape.

Besides, you can add accessories colors include an exotic mix of gold, pink, and ginger in satins and silks. The glam fabrics and Asian inspired patterns give a worldly feel to this bedroom. Additionally, the patterned white color curtains and the soft blue carpet add brightness to this bedroom.

3. Amethyst Color Palette


Taken straight from nature, this amethyst color palette tied together with lilac, deep gray, and black. They are creating sexy and sophisticated look with a touch of bohemian flair. These bedding fits beautifully with the bold purple headboards and the patterned pillows. This kind bedding may be perfect for girl’s bedroom.

4. Black and Purple Bedding


It is a great idea for you who want to create an elegant bedroom decor. Because the color purple bedding king is one of the best and most elegant colors of the color palette. It can be combined with many other colors. Not only that, purple bedding is perfect color for either male and female bedroom, or even a child bedroom.

So, you can take advantage of this suggestion today. Just opt for the purple as the color of your bedroom decor. Besides, the color purple bedding is not only a perfect color we said to decorate bedrooms, but also as well as being an elegant color that invites relaxation. Using purple bedding can create relax and ease ambiance that can make we sleep in total tranquility.

5. Purple Comforter Full Size


Creating rustic ambiance using purple is not impossible. Using this purple bedding, you can get relax and rustic feeling. It is proven by the leaves patterns on this comforter. The purple color on this bedding works together with the white color in making your bedroom even cozier. Besides, you can make your bed looks like five-star hotel by using this comforter.

6. Embrace Custom Shades


You may have a hard time at finding the exact purple hue for your bedroom. If so, you can go custom. For example, as we can see on this guest room, this bedroom feature a wall that was painted in custom color to match the purple bedding. These custom shades make your bedroom even brighter and colorful.

7. Destrey 6 Piece Duvet Set


If you are planning to use purple on your bedding, you can use this easy way. Use this duvet set which has unique look. This 6 piece paisley comforter set pairs purple and gray for an understated use and elegant of purple. If you use this purple bedding, you can create a glam and luxurious appearance instantly on your bedroom.

8. Modern and Contemporary Purple


This modern and contemporary purple bedding ties together with white and grey comforter. They feature a sophisticated leaf design throughout. This purple bedding is inspired by nature for a tranquil and calm feeling in the bedroom. Besides, this bedding can create a tidy and elegant look on your bedroom easily.

9. Purple and White Flocking Queen Size Comforter


This purple bedding ties together with white color. This set includes seven pieces, and everything you see on the illustration such as small pillows. It will work magnificently with just some white cotton sheets and of course the matching curtain that will really tie the room together.

We love that this bedding ensemble has matching curtains, which you do not get that with most bedding set. We believe that this purple and white bedding can work well in the master bedroom because it is a design that both a man and woman can co-exist.

10. Purple Floral Bedding


This purple bedding has floral pattern that is inspired from nature to create calmness and tranquility. It is a reversible comforter set, one side has tighis lovely white floral print on purple color and the other side is a solid purple. You can create an amazing bedroom in purple color with effortlessly action.

11. Purple and Black Filigree Girls Bedding Set


Are you looking for the best purple bedding for your girls’ bedroom? This comforter set may be a perfect choice for you. This lavender filigree swirl bedding is reversible or having two sides. On side features a lovely black and white swirl on a lavender color and the other side is solid lavender.

In addition, sham and decorative pillow feature stripes. This is actually a good mix of cool prints that girls will love. Besides, this bedding will give a girly and cute look on your bedroom. Eventually, your girls will sleep cozily in total tranquility by using this purple bedding. In conclusion, this bedding can be said as the best bedding for your girls’ bedroom.

That’s all about 11 purple bedding ideas that you can go with to your bedroom. Purple is a perfect color for bed linen and accessories to give a warm and elegant feel. It is also considered to be associated with both luxury and creativity. Therefore, if you want to get better sleep and nice look on your bedroom, you should use purple bedding on your personal room.


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